The Amizmiz Valley: everything you need to know

An ideal place in Morocco for trekking is the Amizmiz Valley. This activity takes a step beyond hiking, you make more effort and travel routes that are not marked by trails. An adventure to enjoy the best natural places in the world. And in this sense, the Amizmiz valley is perfect for this.

3 amazing places in South America

South America is full of wonderful places, cities full of charm, incredible nature areas, fantastic beaches ... It is difficult to choose only some destinations. On this occasion, we have selected three completely different. The most incredible places in South America Santa Marta (Colombia) The blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and the green and white of Sierra Nevada shake hands in Santa Marta to make this place an unforgettable destination.

Discover Fornalutx, a beautiful town in Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the most sought-after Mediterranean islands to enjoy summer vacations. It is because of its climate, its wonderful beaches and its picturesque villages. Today we travel to one of the most beautiful and unique villages on the island, we refer to Fornalutx. Do you want to come with us to meet him?

What does Vienna hide?

The Austrian capital has a lot to offer its visitors. It must be one of the cities with the most museums, castles and palaces that exist ... Would you like to meet her? We will take a tour of the adorable Vienna, which perfectly combines the old with the modern and the natural with the architectural.

Enjoy Catania, in Sicily, day and night

When we travel to Sicily, the first thing we think about is the Palermo palace, leaving another of its jewels in the background: Catania. This is the second city of the island, and with its 400,000 inhabitants it offers dozens of things to do and see. This is what we are going to do, we want to enjoy Catania for a full day.

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Visit Katmai National Park in Alaska

Katmai National Park is a place full of natural charms. It is in the southern region of Alaska, facing Kodiak Island. Among the most famous activities you can do here is to observe the bears. And it is that in this park inhabit more than 2000 copies of these animals. You want to know more?

We visit the four major basilicas of Rome

When you consider a trip to the Eternal City, you must be very clear about what you want to see and do, because the tourist, cultural, gastronomic and leisure offer is immense. However, if you are a lover of art and history, we suggest you visit the four major basilicas of Rome. Visits that are also required for all believers of the Catholic faith.

Santceloni Restaurant, a gastronomic reference in Madrid

One of the great references of gastronomy in Madrid is the Santceloni restaurant. A place whose success lies in three elements. On the one hand, obviously, in his fantastic kitchen. On the other, in the incredible winery offer, which always seeks the best pairings. And finally, the sensations caused by the room itself.

Asturias and Prehistory in an unforgettable trip

Asturias is one of the most beautiful communities in Spain. Beach, nature, history and culture is part of what this fantastic region has to offer. In addition to this, and as if that were not enough, traveling to the Principality of Asturias also translates into a trip to our past. It's like riding a time machine and moving to the time of dinosaurs, or a little more recent, 25 years ago.

A tour of the Algarve, the Portuguese Caribbean

The Caribbean attracts millions of tourists every year. Many are Europeans, who are attracted by its beauty, its incredible waters and its life under the sea. However, sometimes it is not necessary to travel thousands of kilometers to enjoy natural and beautiful places, and one of them is the «Portuguese Caribbean».

The wonderful "Sky of Salamanca"

The "Sky of Salamanca" is the decoration of the vault of the old Library of the University of Salamanca. This beautiful painting, discovered only a few decades ago, hides a lot of history and interesting secrets. Do you want to discover them? How and when was the "Sky of Salamanca" discovered? The discovery of the "Sky of Salamanca" dates back to the 50s of the last century, when the University of Salamanca was carrying out different activities and remodeling works on the occasion of the commemorative events of its seventh centenary.

4 great destinations in summer for teenagers

Traveling with teenagers is not always easy, because they have different interests than adults. Therefore, then we travel to some of the best destinations in summer for teenagers, those that offer a lot of options for them and thus avoid getting bored. Do you dare to discover what they are?

8 caves that will surprise you

Come and discover the 8 most amazing caves in the world. For years, nature itself has sculpted in the bowels of the Earth places that not even the most powerful human imagination could have dreamed. The vagaries of evolutionary chance now allow us to enjoy the beauty of this underground world.

We visit some of the most beautiful villages in Córdoba

Córdoba is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia for its monuments, its history and its flower-filled courtyards, among other things. And the towns that belong to his province are marked by this essence. Therefore, we want to visit some of the most beautiful villages in Córdoba.

Meet the city of Orlando and all its attractions

The city of Orlando is famous for hosting the Walt Disney World Resort. However, it offers many more tourist possibilities. Therefore, we suggest you discover some of the corners that it hides. Places you should not miss on any trip to this American city. Can you come with us?

8 beautiful corners of Portugal that you don't know

When we think of Portugal we can think of Lisbon, Porto or Sintra. However, this country has a lot to offer. There are corners of Portugal that are little known, but charming. Villages or landscapes of long history or enormous beauty. It is worth deviating a little from the marked path to discover them.

Malanje: enjoy the nature of Angola

Traveling to Malanje is a unique opportunity to enjoy the nature of Angola. And it is that this province hides some attractions of great interest and beauty. We want you to discover them, so we give you useful information to plan the visit. Can you come with us? Without a doubt, you will not be disappointed.