3 secret places in London

London, the capital of the United Kingdom, is one of the most visited cities in the world for the range of possibilities offered to tourists. It allows every visitor to daydream and live unparalleled experiences. For this reason, London is nothing more than a heart that beats at a thousand per hour.

While this British city has tourist attractions of various kinds, there is a secret paradise far from the eyes of many visitors. To find the magic corners of London, it is necessary to enter the very soul of the city. And each step will be a moment of discovery.

«London goes beyond any limit or convention. It contains all the wishes or words that have ever been expressed, every action or gesture has never been made, all hard or noble statements ever expressed. It is unlimited. It's London Infinite. »

-Peter Ackroyd-

Then, We will guide the reader to the most secret and hidden places in London. Those sites that go unnoticed and that are soaked in the depths of London culture. It will be a magical journey to discover the deepest part of a city that offers many nuances:

1. The Leake Street tunnel

Leake Street Tunnel - EQRoy / Shutterstock.com

A place that goes unnoticed in London is the Leake Street, also called by the Londoners "Banksy Tunnel". This is located behind the London Eye and houses various graffiti by artists who draw daily strokes inspired by this urban art.

The name of this tunnel was created in tribute to the famous artist Banksy,creator in 2008 an exhibition of urban art called "Cans Festival". Banksy invited more than 30 artists to create graffiti and has since been home to this form of artistic expression.

This tunnel is 300 meters long and is located deep in the Waterloo train tracks. This part of the city shows a more alternative London, which transforms its walls into art and invites tourists to visit its most striking corners.

2. Neal's Yard Square

Neal's Yard - marzia franceschini / Shutterstock.com

A very colorful hiding place that is hidden from the eyes of visitors is Neal's Yard. Located in the London neighborhood of Convent Garden, this is a picturesque setting where the history of London's hippie culture was frozen in time.

The creator of this square was a writer named Nicholas Saunders, who was a defender of the hippie movement and a new, more natural and oriented lifestyle new age. In the 70s, Neal's Yard was the scene of hippy groups, who held meetings on a recurring basis to share ideals.

The facades of the buildings and their windows are of different colors. In addition, houses are seen with ornaments of flowers and plants. Neal's Yard is surrounded by shops that symbolize what was the hippie era in London. Some of the most prominent businesses in the place are:

  • Alternative Medicine Store
  • Where they sell healthy food
  • Natural cosmetics
  • Bookstore new age
  • Hairdresser where the latest fashion is psychedelic hairstyles.

3. The Rolling Bridge

The Rolling Bridge - Loz Pycock / Flickr.com

The Rolling Bridge is one of the most original bridges in London and the world. This presents the peculiarity of rolling in the form of an octagon. Usually, on Fridays at 12 noon it begins to take this form and takes 3 minutes to transform completely.

The bridge was designed by Thomas Heatherwick, who decided to create a completely original structure for the city of London. The Rolling Bridge is created based on wood and steel. In addition, it is about 12 meters long and is located in the Westminster area.

The bridge is rolled up completely automatically and is itself a work of art to observe. Many tourists may not know the Rolling Bridge, but it is certainly part of the curiosities that inhabit London.

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