Secrets of the world meters

The meters are emblematic symbols of big cities and generally they are present in those of greater population. Tourists always want to live the adventure of moving in the subways of the cities they visit and even keep their souvenir tickets.

But the meters of the world they keep many secrets, mysterios and legends What you should know Here we bring you some of the secrets of the world's meters.

London subway

In London, despite the abundance of buses and taxis so characteristic of this city, You can't miss a tour on the longest metro in Europe. It has 415 kilometers and 274 open stations.

London Underground - S.Borisov

Further, the London underground is the plus Ancient of all meters. It was opened in 1863 and is the subject of many urban legends such as that the Aldgate station is built on a mass grave where it is said that there are more than 1000 bodies buried.

Metro of Madrid

The Madrid Metro is the second largest in Europe and the sixth in the worldIt is 293 kilometers long and has 238 stations. It dates from 1919, when the first line between Cuatro Caminos and Sol was inaugurated.

«Have you ever stopped to see the colors that explode in Madrid when, when you leave the subway on an autumnal afternoon, the sun goes down?»

-Joaquin Sabina-

Through time they have changed the name to the metr stopsor from Madrid, for example, the Opera station was called Isabel II until 1931, Prince of Vergara changed its name to General Mola after the Civil War and in the Transition recovered its original denomination.

Gran Vía Station, Madrid - vali.lung

Gran Vía was originally to be named St. Louis Network, but it never worked under this name. During the dictatorship, José Antonio was called and then renamed Gran Vía with the arrival of democracy.

There is a rumor that there is a ghost tunnel that leads to the Royal Palace in the Madrid suburban train network, although few know of its existence.

New York subway

The New York subway has 468 stations and 1,056 kilometers of roads. That is why the largest metro in the United States and one of the largest in the world. The first elevated section was inaugurated 41 years before the first underground line opened in 1904.

New York Subway - RonGreer.Com

One of the most interesting aspects of the «Subway» is that It has a small line that joins the two banks of the Hudson River, between New York and New Jersey.

As a mystery we can mention el DNA of the New York subway. In 2014, a team of scientists from the Weill Cornell Medical College analyzed the bacteria and microorganisms that inhabit the surfaces of this suburban. The surprise was capitalized when finding that more than half of the DNA sequences were of unknown origin, that is, of microorganisms whose existence was a mystery to date.

Moscow metro

The Moscow metro was inaugurated in 1935, designed for Soviet citizens to enjoy its beauty while doing their tours. Thus is themost impressive of all the meters in the world.

Komsomolskaya Station, Moscow - OlegDoroshin

Some stations are decorated with glass lamps, sculptures, mosaics and paintings which evoke battles of World War II, the walls are covered with malachite, rhodonite and jasper.

As a curiosity, andl Moscow suburban transports around 2.4 billion passengers to year, more than double that of London.

Paris metro

Opened in 1900, on the occasion of the Olympic Games of the French capital, It has 301 stations and 214 kilometers of lines and transports 4.5 million people daily.

Paris Metro - Robert Crum

Designed with an art noveau style, from the Paris metro, its characteristic entrances are very interesting made with wrought iron by Hector Guimard. Tickets that have become emblematic of the city and the metro itself, 86 of them are still preserved.

Tokyo subway

The Tokyo subway has 13 subway lines and a total length of 286.2 kilometers, which is why it is one of the largest subway networks in the world and the second most used suburban, with 8.7 million people daily. It was the first subway line in Asia opened in 1927.

As we can see, these meters of the world not only move people to their destination, but they are also emblematic symbols of their cities, examples of beauty and even harbor mysteries and legends. Do you dare to ride the meters of the world?

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