Hidden corners of Bora Bora

We suggest you discover some of the most beautiful hidden corners of Bora Bora on the island. However, it is not a simple task, since we are talking about a piece of volcanic land of just over 30 square kilometers with a large interior lagoon that communicates with the sea, so there is not much space left to walk.

Even so,Bora Bora has become a popular destination, since its paradisiacal landscapes, the amount of marine and water activities, and, above all, its beauty under the sea, bordered by a wonderful coral reef, make it a unique space on the entire planet.

Bungalows in Bora Bora - Pixachi

For those who are already thinking about traveling to discover the most beautiful hidden corners of Bora Bora, remember that this is a Polynesian island surrounded by beautiful islets known as motus and that It offers wonderful sunsets and paradisiacal beaches, so the choice is totally right.

"Look twice to see what's fair. Do not look more than once to see the beautiful. »
-Henry F. Amiel-

What hidden corners of Bora Bora to visit?

Let's go, without further delay, to know some of the hidden corners of Bora Bora to visit, because despite the small proportions of this earthly paradise, still keep a series of secrets that are worth being seen and enjoyed.

Motu Tapu

Bora Bora - rachel_thecat / commons.wikimedia.org

As we have said before, the island of Bora Bora is surrounded by small islets called tapus. Among them, there is one that looks more like a paradise and has the name of Motu Tapu. A place full of beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear water and spectacular seabed for diving and snorkeling.

Remains of World War II

Although it may seem incredible, the barbarism of World War II reached hundreds of corners of the planet, including this heavenly and peaceful place. It is worth remembering this historic milestone and, for that, nothing like Visit the bunkers that still remain on the island. In them the Americans were protected from the Japanese attacks and today they are used as shelters for cyclones. In addition, some guns are still scattered all over the place.

Corners of Vaitape

Vaitape - Robbee2010 / Flickr.com

The largest population of the island of Bora Bora is called Vaitape. However, it is a simple town with only 4,500 inhabitants. But, even so, it is worth getting lost in its streets to find incredible art galleries, restaurants of exquisite local cuisine or artisans of the area that keep alive the history of this wonderful corner of the world.

Musée de Marine

Although to remember and enjoy the hidden corners of Bora Bora and its past history, nothing like approaching to the Musée de Marine, a beautiful museum in which past memories of the heavenly place are kept, like the traditional canoes and even boats that we have all seen and read in movies and books, such as the mythical Kon Tiki, Bounty or Calypso.

The maraes

We continue to discover hidden corners of Bora Bora, and another of its great attractions are the maraes, places of worship of the gods of Polynesia that are located throughout the extension of the island in which due respect is shown to the tribal chiefs of the community.

El pahia

View from Mount Pahia - rachel_thecat / commons.wikimedia.org

Another hidden corner of Bora Bora is the high of Pahia. Not everyone dares to travel its 619 meters high, although those brave who dare to climb are rewarded with the rich and dense vegetation, highlighted by the wonderful orchids and the breathtaking views of the motus and the seas of the area.


Bora Bora Beach - BlueOrange Studio

Although Punta Matira beach is the most famous on the island, let's not forget that The whole Bora Bora is surrounded by sea, with some areas of white sand and wonderful crystalline waters, so a good bath or try to dive to observe coral reefs or marine fauna and flora are wonderful activities.

¿What do you think of these hidden corners of Bora Bora? Are you willing to enter paradise on Earth and discover one of the most beautiful islands on the planet? Without a doubt, it will be a totally right decision.

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