Arequipa, the "White City" of Peru

Arequipa is one of the most beautiful cities in Peru. Owner of a fantastic geography, culture and history, the "White City" is a unique place that impresses with the beauty of its landscapes and its colonial architecture. Come with us to meet Arequipa.

Arequipa, the White City

The White City is located in the southern part of Peru, at 2,328 meters of altitude, on the banks of the imposing volcano “Misti”. It is the capital of the department that bears the same name and has more than 860,000 inhabitants, which makes it the second largest city in Peru.

Church of the Society of Jesus - kovgabor

Arequipa is called the White City, because most of its constructions are of sillar, an intense white volcanic stone very Abundant in this area. With it, most of its traditional Arequipa buildings were built, including its magnificent temples. This is why it is considered a jewel of colonial architecture and Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

"Look at all the white around you, but remember all the black that exists."

-Lao Tse-

His story and legend

About 8,000 years ago this territory was occupied by Wari, and then by Chujarón and Chuquibamba culture. After them, it was the Incas and then the Spaniards who inhabited this area.Arequipa was founded in 1540 by the Spanish conqueror Garcí Manuel De Carbajal, under the name of "Villa Hermosa de Nuestra Señora de la Asunta".

Arequipa - Serjio74

It is said that his current name comes from two legends, an account that comes from the Aymara Indians, in their language, "ari" means "summit" and "quipa" behind. Another legend says that the Inca Mayta Capac made a trip when he saw this place, he was so impressed by the beauty of his places that his warriors asked him to stay, to which he replied “Ari, quipay!” Which translated says “Yes , stay!"

Land of volcanoes

The Misti volcano (the Knight) is not the only volcano around the city, but the most famous for its dimensions. The "Chanchani" (the Darling) and the "Picchu Picchu" (the Top Cover) are two smaller volcanoes that exist in the area.

Misti volcano - saiko3p

The volcanic activity caused the famous earthquakes of the years 1687 and 1868, which destroyed virtually the entire city. Most of its churches were built and renovated after 1868.

Main attractions of Arequipa

The church of the Society of Jesus of Arequipa

It is the best example of religious architecture in the city. Its facade is Peruvian or mestizo baroque style and, fortunately, it bore the terrible earthquakes well.

Church of the Society of Jesus - Narongsak Nagadhana

The date of its construction is unknown and inside the chapel of San Ignacio Loyola You can find canvases by Bernardo Bitti, whose contribution to the Cuzco school of painting is very important.

Convent of Recoleta

The Franciscan convent La Recoleta is a beautiful architectural piece founded in 1648. It has a gallery and an important library. Since 1978 it works as Museum.

Convent of Santa Catalina

Convent of Santa Catalina - Christian Kohler

The convent of Santa Catalina It is considered one of the most important religious colonial monuments of Peru, was founded in 1579 and built as a small city. It was expanded in the seventeenth century and occupies an area of ​​approximately twenty thousand square meters, which makes it one of the largest convents in the world.

Colonial houses

Arequipa is recognized for its colonial architecture. Beautiful colonial houses built between the 17th and 18th centuries can be seen in its streets. Most of them have been sold banks to establish their headquarters or converted into shopping centers and hotels. Some of these beautiful colonial houses can be visited by the public, who can appreciate in detail all their architecture, gardens, statues and fronts.

Parade ground

Founded in 1540, it was an open market until 1868. One of its attractions are three portals built with granite and with brick and lime vaults. In its center stands a beautiful bronze fountain that represents the figure of the typical soldier of the sixteenth century, "the Tuturutu" was responsible for announcing any event.

Arequipa Cathedral

Arequipa Cathedral - YaromirM

It is one of the first religious monuments of the city. It is built in neoclassical style and its beautiful facade stands out because it has no less than seventy columns with Corinthian capitals, three covers and two lateral arches. Two monumental towers complete the facade.

Inside, His pulpit is a beautiful work of carpentry made with marbles of Carrara. They also highlight its goldsmith, its two gold and brilliant custodians and its organ of Belgian origin, one of the largest in South America. The cathedral of Arequipa is one of the seventy churches in the Catholic world authorized to display the banner of the Vatican.

There are many reasons to visit Arequipa. Its natural wonders, cultural monuments, traditions and history framed in a fantastic climate await you in the beautiful “White City”

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