Unknown landscapes of the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic hides beautiful landscapes that show the splendor of this charming country. In its territory we can find wonderful and charming corners that amaze everyone who contemplates them. We will know the most beautiful landscapes of Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic, a little paradise

Dominican Republic is located in the heart of Caribbean, is the eastern part of the island of Hispaniola, occupying two thirds of it, the other third belongs to the Republic of Haiti. With an area of ​​48,442 square kilometers, it is the largest country in the Caribbean region.

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It has 1,550 kilometers of coastline and 600 beaches of fine sand. It has a great diversity in its coasts, shaken by the Atlantic Ocean in the north and rocked by the Caribbean Sea in the south. But not everything is beautiful coasts and beaches, too It has an exuberant nature that makes it ideal for ecotourism and that offers the most beautiful landscapes you can imagine.

«Aesthetically, psychologically, the spirit, the spells, the demons, are the human forms, in which the living being can translate with words the emotion of beauty that the landscape produces.»

-Roberto Arlt-

The best landscapes of the Dominican Republic

1. The Lemon Leap

An impressive waterfall over 40 meters high, this is the Lemon Leap. It is located on the Samana peninsula, in the northwest of the country, and is considered the most beautiful jump in the Dominican Republic, and even the entire Caribbean.

Lemon Leap - Don Mammoser

The Lemon Leap It is surrounded by lush vegetation of moist forests, which makes the landscape even more attractive.

2. The 27 puddles of Damajagua

Damajagua is a geological fault that forms puddles of water in a canyon of several kilometers. It is located in the municipality of Imbert, in the north of the country. It is covered with humid forest and has waterfalls above eleven meters.

Damajagua - Molly / Flickr.com

The jumps are born at the head of the Bajabonico hill, traveling about 7 kilometers between the mountains. Is one of the favorite places for adventure tourism lovers, besides being one of the best landscapes in the Dominican Republic.

Cave of Wonders

Located in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic, this impressive cave is 25 meters deep underground. It has about 800 meters of extension of which 240 meters can travel on a walk where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the cave and at the same time have an educational tourist experience.

Pomier Caves - PresidenciaRD / Flickr.com

Inside the cave you can see a large collection of rock art with about 500 paintings on the walls and engravings in black and red. These paintings were made by the Tainos, former inhabitants of the island already missing. Being underground has as its predominant fauna the bat, some reptiles and insects such as anolis.

Bani Dunes

The dunes of Bani are located on the peninsula of Las Calderas, the dunes occupy the entire peninsula and extend for about 15 kilometers in a straight line in an east-west direction. The sands of these dunes are fine and rich in quartz and feldspars, whose food comes from sediments dragged from the Bahia stream.

The sediments of these water courses are the product of the action of the currents, the waves of the Caribbean Sea and the action of the winds. All these factors allow the accumulation of sands to form the dunes, a natural phenomenon that had its beginning in the Pleistocene.

Bani Dunes - Konstantin Kopachinsky

The dunes reach a height of 35 meters. It is also estimated that there are 117.4 million cubic meters of fine sands in this protected natural area. This represents a landscape of great beauty that has no comparison with any other region of the island and even the Caribbean.

Cabrera Promontory

Located in the province of Maria Trinidad Sanchez, in the municipality of Cabrera, it is a region of beautiful natural landscapes. There you can see stepped limestone terraces that in some points they register heights of up to 400 meters in relation to sea level.

Saltadero Cabrera - José Altagracia Paredes / Flickr.com

Pelempito Hole

It is considered one of the wonders of the entire Caribbean. It is located in the province of Pedernales, and is the largest geological depression in the country, with depths reaching 700 meters.

The Pelempito Hole is part of the Sierra de Bahoruco National Park, living there unique animal and plant species within the island. Also in this section of the mountain range are the Larimar mines.

Dominican Republic presents dream landscapes that are worth knowing. Get to know this beautiful island and discover its most beautiful corners.

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