Torun in Poland, a wonderful city

We are going to travel to a city in northern Poland, on the banks of the Vistula River. Why Torun Because it has more than 300 outstanding monuments, because the whole city is a World Heritage Site and because here nothing was born and nothing less than Nicolás Copernicus. For all this and much more we recommend taking a walk through this beautiful historic town!

Torun, more than 7 centuries of history

If the reasons why we chose Torun for a few-day getaway were not enough, you have to know that the composition of the main square and its adjacent streets ... It's the same as 700 years ago!

But of course, the history of this city does not begin at that time but several centuries before (vestiges of human presence were found in 1100 BC, however already since the Middle Ages the settlement was growing and growing.

Torun Square - Boris Stroujko

In 1230 the Teutonic Knights arrived in the area and built a castle, a symbol of belonging and also of protection (it is in ruins and can be visited). A few years later, Thorn acquires city rights and from 1263 different religious orders were established in the territory (first the Franciscans and then the Dominicans).

In 1454 he joined his neighbor "Thoner Neustadt" and in the fourteenth century the Hanseatic League where fighting and uprisings in arms began.Torun belonged to Germany during World War II and from that moment the population doubled. Undoubtedly, one of the most prominent milestones of the postwar era was the founding of the Nicolás Copernicus University in 1945.

«In the middle of everything is the Sun. Well, who in this beautiful temple would put this lamp in a better place, from which everything could be illuminated?»

-Nicolaus Copernicus-

Walking through Torun

Now that you know a little about the history of this typical Gothic city in northeastern Europe, we recommend that you walk through its beautiful and historic streets. You will find at every step a good amount of monuments with marked Baltic influence.

One of the most prominent if you doubt is the one that honors his "prodigal son", Nicolás Copernicus. The statue is located in the Market Square in the heart of the city. The figure of the astronomer is undoubtedly a symbol of Torun.

Statue of Nicholas Copernicus - cargol

With your back to it you have another of the must-sees in the city: the Town Hall. It is a building built with bricks in the thirteenth century and that in the past was the town hall and the center of the local market. Climb to the top of its tower (40 meters) and enjoy the spectacular views of the old city with the medieval towers and the brick red of the houses.

Near the square is the cathedral of San Juan, one of the three Gothic style located in the city. In the baptismal font there is an epitaph of Copernicus (you will see all kinds of allusions to this character throughout Torun).

St. John's Cathedral - Artur Bogacki

Another of the outstanding buildings is the church of San Jacobo, also Gothic, with impressive frescoes on the walls. The last exponent of this style is the church of Santa Maria, where the remains of another important person from the city and Poland rest: Princess Ana Wazowna.

The walk follows in the footsteps of Copernicus, how could it be otherwise. The home where the astronomer was born and lived is a typical medieval construction. It is not the original, but a replica, but it is worth knowing, since it is a museum that reviews the life and works of this scientist.

Torun old town - krivinis

If you like contemporary culture We recommend that you attend any of the theaters in the city or that you visit it during the International Theater Festival during the month of May. The most prominent is the Baj Pomorski, southeast of the old town, old but restructured.

To end the day and as "mandatory" in your stay in Torun, be sure to try the spice and honey cupcakes called "Piernik", typical of the area.

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