Walking through Soho in London

Soho, in London, is a bohemian neighborhood, full of curiosities, sizzling. This charming neighborhood contains a striking mix that alerts the senses of those who walk through its streets. Unfortunately, those who visit it just wander through the best-known corners, but ... how much they get lost! This constantly boiling neighborhood has a lot to show. We take you on a walk to Soho, the London neighborhood that you can't miss.

How Soho became what it is today

Soho has a very curious history, The land where this neighborhood sits was arable and grazing land until the 16th century. Then, in the reign of Henry VIII, it became a royal park for Whitehall Palace, where the aristocrats of the time hunted. In fact, they say that the name of Soho, comes from the cry that was used when hunting "So ... ho, there goes the fox!"

Soho - Alan Light / Flcikr.com

At the end of the century, the land was sold by the crown and was distributed among different proxies. These new owners built the first buildings for rich people and of ancestry. But in the middle of the 18th century, these aristocrats who resided in Soho, began moving to other places.

So, This neighborhood was occupied by artists, writers and intellectuals who sought fame and recognition. In addition, music halls, theaters, places offering foreign meals, etc. were also installed. From the 30s to the 60s, the great pubs that abound today in Soho began to be established.

A walk through the streets of Soho

Berwick street

Here you will find music stores and a small market street It is worth visiting. You can also find an alley with several sex shops. This street has a lively nightlife.

Carnaby Street and Dean Street

Carnaby Street - Ernesto Jiménez / Flickr.com

The famous Carnaby Street was during a time fashion center in the 60s and It is currently a shopping center and famous boutiques.

Dean Street is where the Soho Theater is located, as well as The French House pub. Further, Karl Marx lived at number 54 and 28 on Dean Street between 1851 and 1856.

Regent Street and Denmark Street

Regent Street - Tom Chapman / Flcikr.com

We also have the busy Regent Street, an eclectic and modern area, full of interesting shops.

Is Denmark Street, the musical street, which was where the most important publishers were. Even today it is famous because it has the most guitars in London. The street is full of premises with guitars, bass, keyboards as well as the 12 Bar Club.

Wardour Street

Wardour Street - Chris Goldberg / Flcikr.com

In Wardour Street was the legendary Marquee Club. There was also a large concentration of private pubs that were later open to the public.

The Ship, was frequented by figures like John Lennon and Keith Moon. There is also the "The Intrepid Fox Pub" which was sponsored by characters such as Rod Steward and Mick Jagger and is currently a center of the film industry.

Leicester square

It is a crowded street of tourists, cinemas and discos. It is worth admiring the fountain dedicated to Shakespeare from 1874 and a statue of Charles Chaplin. In the north of the square is the Notre Dame de France church, with its magnificent Chapelle du St-Sacrement chapel.

"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life."

-Samuel Johnson-

Charing cross

Charing Cross - Elena Elisseeva

It runs along the east edge of Soho, has a large library collection. One of the most famous bookstores is Foyles in 119, visited by Bernard Show and others. There are also libraries of many styles, such as Chinese, Islamic, second-hand, etc.

China Town

The picture of this China Townof London's Soho, can be seen in millions of photos of tourists and in movies and magazines. It is very small, has three blocks of buildings and a central street full of oriental motifs. You can find many restaurants of various types of Oriental, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Japanese, etc.


This neighborhood it's like the extension north of Soho, but much quieter. Here you can not miss the Victorian Church on Margaret Street and the Pollock's Toy Museum.

Finally, don't leave Soho without touring Oxford Street and Shaftesbury Avenue. There you can find numerous luxury shops and the famous Hotel Ritz, where almost all the celebrities are staying as they pass through London. Maybe you bump into an artist and become ... the best selfie of your life!

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