Luxembourg City as a tourist destination

Almost everyone who arrives in Luxembourg comes to a place where they do not know practically everything and do not know very well what they are going to find. And when he leaves this small country he is delighted to have met him, especially if he has visited his capital, which is also called Luxembourg. A city that seems to move us to a time of stories and legends.

Luxembourg, World Heritage

The historical ensemble of the Luxembourg capital is really impressive for its heritage, its beauty, its excellent state of conservation and because of the atmosphere that surrounds everything. That is why it is not strange that he has been integrating the UNESCO World Heritage list for more than two decades.

Luxembourg - Valeri Potapova

It is beautiful and the best way to discover it is by walking, but that means going down and up constantly on its streets, since all of it It is divided into Upper and Lower Town (Ville Haute and Basse), both joined by ramps, stairs, bridges and even elevators, to make life more comfortable for the inhabitants and their visitors.

City of Bridges

We have named bridges in the city of Luxembourg and it is not surprising its abundance, since two rivers pass through the city: the Alzette and the Petrusse. On the latter one of the most famous, the Adolfo Bridge, built entirely of stone and linking the Avenue of Liberty with the Royal Boulevar. This is the most famous, but there are other viaducts and bridges that always deserve a good photo.

Luxembourg - gevision

Strolling through Luxembourg

The bridges are joining the different neighborhoods and it is best to let ourselves be carried away by instinct and a small plane that at any given time resolves our doubts. In this way we will reach the most emblematic places of the city such as the pedestrian street of the Grand Rue, the spectacular Place d'Armes or the Marché aux Poissons area, ideal for a drink in the typical taverns and restaurants.

The Palace of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg

Grand Ducal Palace - Christian Mueller

From any of these places the steps always lead toGrand Ducal Palace, seat of the Luxembourg chief president since it was built in the 16th century. This Spanish Renaissance-style palace was built as a town hall and can be visited in July and August by reservation.

Luxembourg European Quarter

Gate of Europe - Marco Galasso

Despite being one of the smallest countries on the continent It has been known as one of the key headquarters of the European Union, and this is due to two reasons. Its geographical location is very focused and on the other hand that Robert Schumann was born here, one of the key figures in the concept of Europe.

«Europe is searching; He knows he has his own future in his hands. He has never been so close to his goal. May God not let the time of his destiny pass, the last chance of his salvation. »

-Robert Schumann-

For this reason, the EU Courts of Justice and Justice are here, and the European Quarter has been created around it. A place full of modernity both for its buildings and because here you can visit the Museum of Modern Art. In short, a whole contrast with the rest of the city, and although on another scale it can be compared with the European Quarter in Brussels.

The Lower Grund District

Grund District - Reinhard Tiburzy

We will end up in another radically different neighborhood from Luxembourg. We present the Lower Grund District, surely the most informal and bohemian area of ​​Luxembourg. And also one of the places where you can spend the most of the whole country, thanks to the abundance of pubs in the area, which in good weather become lively terraces.

And if you leave during the day, you can not miss the visit to the Abbey of Neumünster, as well as stroll through the streets near the Alzette River, which offer incredible views of the casemates and fortifications found in the upper part of the city.

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