We sail through Krabi in Thailand

In Krabi you will find some of the most characteristic postcards of Thailand, with that network of islands that seem to emerge with a vertical thrust from the depths of the Andaman Sea, to the south of the country. A dream landscape whose enjoyment and contemplation alone is worth the trip to Southeast Asia.

The region of Krabi

Actually Krabi is a conglomerate of sea and islands. A beautiful territory, but also hard for everyday life. In fact, here pirates have always taken refuge or have inhabited the so-called sea gypsies, those floating villages that live, trade and fish in the sea, never set foot on the mainland. That is, it is a beautiful and also legendary territory, and therefore the most attractive.

Krabi - leoks

And if that was not enough, It has some dream beaches. Of course, the vast majority are only accessible by sea, sailing aboard a local ship. In fact, these typical boats are essential to enjoy Krabi, since the area deserves to be discovered through endless sea excursions.

Krabi City and Ao Nang City

The capital of Krabi province receives the same name. It is a surprisingly quiet city despite the large influx of tourists to the area. However, there are few who decide to take advantage of it, although it is certainly a city worth knowing. Above all because It is quite authentic both in their homes, as in their cafes or in the abundant street food stalls.

Ao Nang - Rad Radu

However, many travelers think that the real city is Ao Nang, located on the coast and full of accommodation, bars, restaurants and shops. Plus, in Ao Nang is the port from which the boats depart for the different excursions for the environment.

Excursions in Krabi

Hong Island

Hong Island - MJ Prototype

This is the most demanded excursion by travelers. An excursion with a short boat trip (by speedboat or fishing boat) from Ao Nang to reach one of the most beautiful Thai islands with simply unique beaches.

There in addition to bathing in some places of film, we can dare with the diving goggles and the snorkeling tube in its incredibly transparent lagoon.

James Bond Island

We have described these places as film. As well, in the bay of Phang Na is an island with the name of some most famous characters in the history of cinema. It is the island of James Bond, in honor of the shootings that have made the productions of the mythical and incombustible British agent 007.

Phi Phi Islands


If in the previous cases we recommend you take as transport the more traditional fishermen's barges, to reach the Phi Phi Islands we invite you to board a speedboat. And there is much to see and you have to take advantage of the day.

There you have to discover Monkey Beach in Bamboo Island, dive through the bottoms of Loh Sama Bay, bathe in Phi Phi Ley and also visit the cave of the Vikings. That said, an intense day.

"To travel is to live."

- Hans Christian Andersen -

Adventure sports in Krabi

Krabi - Kamomeen

We have already talked about snorkeling and diving, now we are going to propose other sports in nature with a touch of adventure. First, paddle kayaking in Ao Thalane Bay, discovering the largest mangrove in Thailand. An unforgettable tour that can also have a bath in the Phutara lagoon as a reward.

And if the kayak that we propose is as calm and contemplative, to compensate We propose an adrenaline rush by rafting on the river that reaches Krabi. There they will inform you of the possibilities, which are basically reduced to two. A descent of 5 kilometers for the less experienced, and another of 9 for those who already have some experience and fitness.

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