Guimerà, a beautiful medieval town of Lleida

Making a trip to Guimerà means discovering one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Catalonia, a town specifically located in the Urgell region of the province of Lleida. Definitely, Guimerà It is a town where you can get lost any morning and simply take a walk through its streets and take a thousand and one photographs.

The historical architecture of Guimerà

Guimerà - pere sebastian /

Guimerà, compared to other medieval towns in Catalonia, is not overly restored. But nevertheless, its state of conservation is more than acceptable, and of course very authentic.

That is undoubtedly one of his great charms, discover how ancient stone buildings rise in its streets, sometimes linked together by galleries, arches or overpasses. Anyway, it is not difficult to imagine this place as a fantastic period movie set.

Guimerà Castle

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Or rather, it would be necessary to say the ruins of the castle, since the highlight that stands is its tower. Which is not an impediment to continue being the great symbol of Guimerà. Obviously, the castle is located in the upper part of the town, that is, the entire historical center has to be crossed to get here.

A walk that more than an ascension, is a delight given the uniqueness of these cobbled streets. And also, upon arrival you have the chance to ascend to the top of the tower and discover Guimerà from the heights, as well as a broad outline of the Corb river valley and the entire historic region of Urgell.

The church of Santa María

Church of Santa María - Josep Curto

Also in the high part of the population is the great church of Santa María, a temple with constructive elements that speak to us practically of all the Average Age, since although there are details of the 14th century Gothic, you can also see other elements more typical of Romanesque architecture.

Given its location in the upper part of Guimerá, the truth is that today it is no longer the parish of the population, since it is much easier to access the chapel of San Esteban that is next to the Plaza Mayor.

The Plaza and Calle Mayor

Guimerà - Joan Grífols /

Down again It is not difficult to reach the Plaza Mayor, famous for its large windows and its ten arches. From this square the Main Street, which takes us to the lowest part of the town, where a historical source is located, and on the other the Portal de Poniente, the old gateway to the nucleus during the Middle Ages.

Although before reaching this point, you pass through one of the most photogenic corners of Guimerà, the crossing between Calle Mayor and Calle de la Cendra. There he stands the charismatic Cal Minguella, recognizable by its ornate facade and full of windows and balconies.

In the surroundings of Guimerà

The medieval heritage is not only in the urban core. Also in its surroundings there are historical remains. For example, the ruins of the Monastery of Vallsanta, just 2 kilometers from Guimerà. While to the west of the town is what was the sanctuary of La Bovera, raised on a hill.

"Go wherever you go, go with all your heart."

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Medieval Market of Guimerà

Given the population's appearance, a Medieval Fair has been held here in August for years. And although today this event is part of the tourist calendar of this entire area, the truth is that it has a historical accreditation, since there is evidence of the celebration of medieval markets in Guimerà since 1294.