Villages of Salamanca: our 4 essentials

Salamanca can boast having four municipalities in the select group of The Most Beautiful Villages in the World, consisting of nothing more and nothing less than five hundred locations. These are Candelario, Ciudad Rodrigo, La Alberca and Mogarraz.These towns of Salamanca stand out for their artistic historical heritage, as well as for the natural environment that surrounds them. Do you want to meet them?

Villages of Salamanca what do you have to visit

1. Candlestick

calendar It is a beautiful town with a clear Asturian heritage. And it is that in the middle of the Reconquest, there were many Asturians who repopulated the Castilian lands, among them, the municipality that occupies us. This inheritance is visible, for example, in its inhabitants.

Candlestick - Frayle /

On the other hand, Candelario are characteristic showers, small channels through which the water from the springs and the melting of the mountains circulates.

Batipuertas are also very particular, a kind of half door that precedes the main one and that had various functions, such as allowing the house to be aerated while preventing livestock from accessing the house.

Another place of interest is the hermitage of Humilladero, located at the entrance of the town and which highlights its wooden altarpiece with the image of Christ. And we must not overlook its town hall, a sample of civil architecture of the nineteenth century; and the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, which mixes different styles: Mudejar, Baroque, Romanesque and Gothic.

If we move away from the town we can start routes through the magnificent surroundings that surround it. Some of the most recommended are the Navamuño swamp and the Bear's throat.

2. Ciudad Rodrigo

This municipality of Salamanca is a real paradise of stone, so it is not surprising that it is declared a Historic-Artistic Site. It highlights its wall, whose perimeter of more than two kilometers remains intact; or the Cathedral of Santa Maria, of Romanesque style of transition to the Gothic.

Marquise Palace of Carthage - Mr. Tickle /

Among its palaces it would be necessary to name the one of Montarco, 16th century and considered one of the jewels of Ciudad Rodrigo; that of Los Águila, which belonged to the powerful family that gave it its name; or the Casa de los Vázquez, which attracts attention due to its curious shape, as if it were a ship.

Regarding the churches, the Church of San Pedro and San Isidoro stand out, which has its origins in the twelfth century, hence it has a Mudejar Romanesque apse; the one of San Andrés, of Romanesque origin and one of the oldest of the town next to the previous one; and that of San Cristóbal, which still has two baroque altarpieces.

If that wasn't enough, the beauty that Ciudad Rodrigo is home to, The municipality is located between the natural parks of the Sierra de Francia and the Arribes del Duero. Without a doubt, one of the towns of Salamanca with more attractions.

3. The Pool

There is nothing like getting lost in the streets of La Alberca and enjoying the architectural beauty of its buildings, built with stones and geometric wooden frames. The upper floors of them protrude over the lower ones, so that sometimes the eaves of their roofs almost touch those in front.

La Alberca - dimbar76

Many of its monuments stand out. To name a few, the Church of the Annunciation, which has a pulpit in polychrome granite from the 16th century and the Blessed Christ of the Sweat; the hermitage of Humilladero, one of the oldest; and that of San Blas, which until recently was the village cemetery.

And not only is it one of the most beautiful towns in Salamanca, butThe Pool has a privileged environment: the Batuecas, the Hurdes and the Sierra de Francia. From the same town you can start routes to these natural places.

 «We always arrived at the place where they were waiting for us».

-José Saramago-

4. Mogarraz

Mogarraz Street - Asier Sarasua Aranberri /

Like La Alberca, this municipality It is located in the heart of the Natural Park of Batuecas-Sierra de Francia. From the landscape point of view it also stands out for its agriculture on terraces perfectly integrated in nature.

Apart, Mogarraz is declared a Property of Cultural Interest: Its urban structure is typically medieval, with narrow streets and regular layout.

If we get lost for him, In addition to its structure we can admire its Plaza Mayor, oval shaped; the hermitage and source of the Humilladero; or the parish church Our Lady of the Snows, with a Latin cross plan and baroque altar.

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