We discover the treasures of Lake di Como

It is the third largest lake in Italy (the other two are those of Garda and Maggiore) and is located in the Lombardy region. It is a beautiful place, quiet and surrounded by dream villages. Ideal for a family holiday, as a couple or alone, we want to discover the treasures of Lake di Como. You can not lose this!

Lago di Como: the adventure begins

A car tour is one of the best ideas to discover all the treasures of lake di Como. Leaving from Milan you must cross narrow and winding roads. Another alternative is to go by train, also from this city. The service departs from Cadorna station and the journey to Como Nord Lago station takes approximately 1 hour.

Cadenabbia - leoks

Once on the shore of Lake Como there are different ferries that cross it from one side to the other, So we can know the main nearby towns.

Also called Lake Lario by its name in Latin, this beautiful freshwater mirror has an inverted "Y" shape, since it is formed by three arms, each of them with their corresponding locality: As to the west, Lecco to the east and Colico to the north.

"Like everything that matters in life, a great journey is a work of art."

-André Suarès-

The greatest treasures of Lake di Como

Beyond the beauty of the lake itself, the tour cannot be complete if we do not visit at least some of the surrounding villages. On your walk we recommend that you know:

1. How

Como- remzik

The city that gives its name to the lake is worth visiting for its great history and attractions. Located on the border with Switzerland, Como offers a beautiful Silk Museum, since the town is famous for its textile tradition in the Lombardy area and, especially, for its silk production.

As well we can see different examples of rationalist architecture, among them the old house of Fascio, the Giuliani Frigerio House, the cathedral, the Broletto Palace, the Castello Baradello (dating from 1159) and the Villa Olmo.

2. Bellagio

Bellagio - leoks

It is located on a narrow strip of land, somewhat hidden from the lake, but it is the most famous town in the region. Surrounded by beech, fir, chestnut and oak trees, Bellagio has many green spaces That is worth knowing. Therefore, the best time of the year to visit it is in summer or spring.

In the old town you will walk between streets uphill and you will reach Punta Spartivento. Don't miss the Melzi and Serbelloni Villas.

3. Varenna

Varenna - anouk3

It is located in Lecco and, besides being able to enjoy the beautiful walks on the lake, One of the must-see is the Vezio Castle. To get there you must walk through elegant and beautifully decorated arcades and arches. Once you arrive at the fortress, enjoy the performances of falconers and beautiful views of the region.

4. Menaggio

Menaggio - Boris Stroujko

One of the most beautiful treasures of Lake di Como and a tourist site for centuries. That's because already in the year 800 the wealthy noble families of Milan spent their summer vacations here, for its beautiful beach and its long walk along the lake.

Do not forget to enjoy every corner of its medieval old town. The arcaded houses and elegant villas complete the tour in this beautiful town.

5. Brunate

Funicular of Brunate - Sergio Monti Photography

To get to this town, known as the "balcony of the Lario" we must take a funicular from the city of Como. Brunate is on top of a mountain and, of course, offers breathtaking panoramic views.

The trip in this means of transport, opened in 1894, takes place very slowly. Some interesting facts: the slope of the mountain is 500 meters and in a kilometer it has a slope of 55%.

6. Cernobbio

Cernobio - Natali Glado

This town was founded with the construction of a small Cistercian monastery. Nowadays it is a very elegant tourist center and chosen by many Italians for their vacations.

In the old town we can find the Piazza del Risorgimento, which flows into the lake. Throughout Cernobbio you will find the most sumptuous villas and mansions, such as Erba, D'este, Bernasconi, Pizzo and Fontanelle.

7. Lecco

Lecco - T. Black

We finish this tour through the treasures of Lago di Como in its second largest city. A city whose beauty inspired Alessandro Manzoni to create one of the masterpieces of Italian literature, The couple.

On your tour of Lecco you will be amazed by the House of Lucia, the church of Don Abundio and the Manzoni Museum, where the writer lived. Don't miss the Bovara Palace, the St. Nicholas Cathedral, the Visconti Tower, the old Market Square and the Azzone Visconti bridge.

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