Prague museums worth visiting

While the best of the capital of the Czech Republic is “outdoors” (such as the Astronomical Clock or the Charles Bridge) we can also enjoy indoor activities. In this article We want to tell you relevant data from the most outstanding museums in Prague, so you can organize your itinerary.

What Prague museums Is it worth visiting?

The Czech capital has perhaps little known, but interesting museums. Within your city tour you can take the opportunity to see one of these museums in Prague:

1. National Museum of Prague

National Museum of Prague - Nadja1 /

It is located in one of the most significant buildings in the city, neo-Renaissance style, built between 1885 and 1891. It has temporary exhibitions, in addition to rooms with permanent objects divided into sections. You can visit the Prehistory areas of Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia; of minearology and lithology; of paleontology, anthropology and osteology; of zoology and decoration and medals.

The National Museum of Prague is located south of Wencesalo Square, near the State Opera and open every day, except the first Tuesday of each month.

"Real museums are the places where time is transformed into space."

-Orhan Pamuk-

2. Franz Kafka Museum

Franz Kafka Museum - InnaFelker /

To get there you can take tram 22 to Malostranska. This museum is dedicated to the works of the writer, one of the famous characters in Prague. You can see drafts, manuscripts, diaries, photographs and drawings (In addition to writing, Kafka painted). It is divided into two rooms: one about the author's life and the other about the sites he describes in his books.

At the entrance of what is one of the most interesting museums in Prague you will see a statue that will get your attention. These are the figures of two men urinating on a silhouette of the Czech Republic. The strangest of all is that they "write" phrases in the water.

3. Museum of Communism

Museum of Communism - Playtime Report /

This regime was present in the country until the so-called "Velvet Revolution". The museum tells all the years in which the former Czechoslovakia was communist. It is not large and can be visited in an hour. Texts, objects and photographs are displayed. You will learn what everyday life was like, censorship and propaganda for those times.

It is undoubtedly an original museum that is worth visiting if you are a history lover. To get there you can take the subway (lines A and B) to Mustek station. Open every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

4. Jewish Museum

Spanish Synagogue - David Pereiras

There are actually 6 museums in Prague, since It is “distributed” among the different synagogues of the Jewish Quarter (Josefov) of the city. It is very striking that these temples could stand up after the Nazi occupation in World War II. The reason is that the Germans wanted to make a museum about the "extinct race" that would be the Jews.

It’s very interesting to take this tour,which includes the Spanish Synagogues (decorated with motifs similar to the Alhambra in Granada), Pinkas (honors the 80,000 Czech victims of the Holocaust), Maisel (saves books, decorative objects, jewels), Alta (former town hall, now a two-story museum ), Old-New (religious objects, it is the oldest in Europe still active) and Klausen (texts in Hebrew, customs and traditions).

5. Mucha Museum

Mucha Museum - Richard Tanton /

The fifth of Prague's museums that you can add to your itinerary It is dedicated to the modernist painter Alfons Muncha and is located in a baroque palace called Kaunicky, In the heart of the city.

The exhibitions allow us to know everything about Muncha's life through his works: oil paintings, decorative panels, sketch books and even a reconstruction of the studio he had in Paris. It is recommended for Art Nouveau lovers.

Another Prague museum that can be visited is the City Museum (from Prehistory to the 17th century). Also the National Technician (transport, cinema and science), that of Mozart (where the artist lived), that of Arts and Skills (crafts from the 16th to 19th centuries) and that of Toys.

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