5 very special things you can do in Guilin

We are going to a town located northwest of the Zhuang Autonomous Region of Guangxi, in the People's Republic of China. Guilin stands out especially for its nature, but also for its cultural heritage and gastronomy. Here we tell you the best that can be done in Guilin. Can you come with us?

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Without a doubt, it is one of the most recommended options. On this cruise that connects Guilin with Yangshuo tourists can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the karst mountains. Some of its points of interest are the hill of the Elephant Trunk; the crown cave, twelve kilometers long; and the Mural hill, a cliff carved in a colorful rock that gives off greens.

The cruise, which lasts about four hours, It also runs through various villages, such as Daxu, that maintains a medieval atmosphere. Others are Yangdi and Xingping, famous, among other things, for its cultural heritage. Precisely, the landscape between these two municipalities is the highlight of the journey.

Already in Yangshuo visitors can regain strength in one of their restaurants and try their typical dish: fish to beer. Other possibilities are cycling to the Moon Mountain; or enjoy the San Jie Lu show, which takes advantage of the natural environment to show spectacular games of lights and colors.

“A good traveler has no fixed plans or intention to arrive.

-Lao Tse-

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Guilin's cuisine is a mixture of Cantonese and Zhuang cuisine. It is famous especially for its snacks and spices. The latter highlights Chile. With it, in addition to garlic and fermented soybeans, Guilin chili sauce is made, one of the culinary jewels of the city. The other two are Guilin Sanhua Jiu, a liquor distilled with rice; and fermented tofu, a regular of Chinese cuisine.

You can also try rice noodles, which are very soft and delicate on the palate; Zongzi, a dumpling made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or banana leaf; Colocasia Lipu with meat, or oil tea, which uses old black tea leaves as the main material.

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It is the largest and most famous park in Guilin, since it has one hundred and twenty hectares. Its visitors can enjoy an incredible landscape, especially the Putuo Mountain, the Seven Star Cave, the Camel Hill, the Flower Bridge, the Growing Mountain, the Stone Forest and the China Light Square.

The Seven Star Park It also has a zoo, the only one in the city. In it, pandas are the great protagonists. Other animals, such as rabbits or sheep, can be fed by visitors. The latter also have the option to go through the botanical garden or regain strength in a teahouse.

Reed Flute Cave - Gray World / Flickr.com

It is a natural limestone cave that houses numerous stalactites and stalagmites. All of them of different shapes and sizes, and illuminated with brightly colored lights to further highlight the beauty of the place. These, in turn, are reflected in the lake water. Therefore, it is not surprising that the cave of the Caña Flute is known as "The Palace of Natural Arts."

On the other hand, Its name is due to bamboo canes that are at the entrance and that were used to make flutes and other wind instruments. We are also facing one of the deepest and largest caves in the world. Walking it takes approximately one hour.

Rice Terraces - Jack French / Flickr.com

Also called terraces of the dragon's spine, they have seven hundred years of history. The one in charge of adapting the mountainous lands for rice cultivation was the Yao ethnic minority. It lives in towns like Huangluo, famous for the very long hair of its women.

Returning to the terraces, it should be said that it is an extension of more than fifteen kilometers walkable on the different paths. If you ascend to the highest area, you can enjoy spectacular views. The climb can be done through the stairs excavated in the hills or a funicular.

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