The 10 most incredible elevators in the world

You may not like heights, maybe you are a bit claustrophobic. But We recommend that you overcome your fears and climb with us incredible elevators. Some are for their beauty, others for their speed, there are those that stand out in the landscape and some will make your hair stand on end. Can you come with us?

1. Bailong elevator,Zhangjiajie (China)

Bailong Elevator - Alexander Strauch

The mountains of Zhangjiajie are spectacular for their shapes, their height, for the mystery that surrounds them or because they inspired the landscapes of the film Avatar. Also by an elevator not suitable for sensitive people. It has 330 meters, it is made of glass and the trip lasts only one minute. The views are spectacular ... you just have to keep your eyes open to enjoy them

2. AquaDom, Berlin (Germany)

AquaDom - Daniel Mennerich /

The AcuaDom, installed in a hotel in Berlin, is really an aquarium, the largest cylindrical aquarium in the world, with its 25 meters high. But the really curious thing is not that, but inside there is an elevator. Of course, the trip to many will fly by watching the fish swim freely through this curious and immense fish tank.

3. Globen Arena, Stockholm (Sweden)

Globen Arena - Olga Miltsova

The Ericsson Globe is the largest spherical building in the world, with a diameter of 110 meters. And it is possible to climb to the top in a somewhat peculiar way: on the outside. It is possible thanks to unique cabins, of course, spherical. A most curious ascent in which you enjoy spectacular views of the Swedish capital.

4. Elevators of the Eiffel Tower, Paris (France)

Eiffel Tower - pisaphotography

The beauty of this iron giant may make them go unnoticed, but virtually everyone who climbs the tower does it in one of their elevators, which start at the legs of the structure and follow its curvature. If you are lucky and can stand by the window, you will enjoy different views of Paris and you will appreciate the constructive complexity of this fantastic tower.

5. Santa Justa Elevator, Lisbon (Portugal)

Santa Justa Elevator - Picturist90

This lift in Lisbon is, without a doubt, one of the most charming you can climb. It was built in the early twentieth century and its design is from a disciple of Eiffel. It links the Baixa neighborhood with Chiado and the Barrio Alto. Neogothic in appearance and 45 meters high, this iron beauty offers one of the most beautiful views of the capital of Portugal.

6. Sky Tower, Auckland (New Zealand)

Sky Tower elevator - Pete Edgeler /

The Sky Tower is the tallest building in Auckland. Of course, you can climb to the top and enjoy spectacular views. But you have to make a small trip in an elevator that can cause nervous breakdowns. The reason? Its soil is transparent and you can see how you move away from the earth at full speed. Before climbing you should know that the bottom viewpoint is "only" 175 meters.

7. Hammetschwand Elevator, Lucerne (Switzerland)

Hammetschwand Elevator - Raphael Ullmann /

It is the tallest outdoor elevator in Europe, and is over a hundred years old. The original elevator was the idea of ​​a hotelier from the area, who wanted to facilitate access to his business. A century later the elevator would be remodeled and modernized and today climbs its 152 meters in less than a minute. It leads to the highest point of the city of Lucerne, and from there the views are fabulous.

8. Arco Gateway, Saint Louis (United States)

Gateway Arch - James Roblee

An immense arch that is the largest of its characteristics in the world, with 200 meters high. And it can be climbed by an endless staircase or in two particular galactic-looking elevators, each with eight compartments and five seats. The funny thing is that they swing like those of a ferris wheel as they move along the shape of the arch. An experience, no doubt.

9. Mercedes Benz Museum, Stuttgart (Germany)

Mercedes-Benz Museum - Andreas Wecker /

The museum that Mercedes-Benz has in Stuttugart is a paradise for motor lovers. But in an ultra-modern building and among vehicles of all ages, curious cabins are discovered. The museum's elevators, which look like space capsules, go up some rails anchored to the walls. A good way to have a first impression of the museum and then enjoy it calmly.

10. Elevator Lacerda, Salvador de Bahia (Brazil)

Lacerda Elevator - R.M. Nunes

It is a beautiful art deco show. It was inaugurated in 1873 to link the Upper City with the Lower City. At the time it was the first elevator in the world, also the tallest. The elevator Lacerda, named in honor of the engineer who built it, is barely 72 meters high, but has become one of the great attractions of Salvador de Bahia.

Cover photo: Daniel Mennerich /

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