We tell you 9 curiosities of the Tower of Pisa

The Tower of Pisa has become one of the Italian symbols. Its marked inclination and its convoluted architecture arouse the curiosity of millions of travelers every year. But, beyond its architectural aspects or artistic interest, We want to tell you some of the curiosities of the Tower of Pisa.

Curiosities of the Tower of Pisa, Things you didn't know!

Many wonder why this tower was built. As well, It is part of a religious architectural complex and serves as a bell tower.That may sound strange to you, but when you go to Pisa you will see the cathedral and the baptisperium, which are right next to the tower. Let's see some things you didn't know about this monument.

1. He leaned north and then south

Pisa tower - pandapaw

In 1178, the Tower of Pisa began to lean. And from there curious facts would occur, because years later the tower would continue to lean, but in the opposite direction, towards the south.

It was not understood why the tower began to lean. Some blamed it on the unstable subsoil; others to the bad foundations, while others thought that the design was badly done.

2. Construction was halted for 100 years

Pisa tower - pandapaw

When the first floor of the tower was lifted, it already began to lean. It was thought that it would be dangerous to continue building, so shortly after the decision was made to suspend the works.

They were standing a hundred years, but it was decided to continue, introducing some modifications in the design and the structure that served to correct that deviation. Finally, it was inaugurated in 1372. It seems that it was those corrections that caused the tower to change the direction of its inclination

3. Its inclination is almost 4 degrees

Pisa tower - dmplot

This may not seem like much, but to give you an idea, this represents an inclination of almost 10%. It seems, therefore, a miracle that the tower has not fallen. Something that seemed about to happen when it was closed to the public in 1990 to do reinforcement and consolidation work.

The funny thing is that despite everything, It is not the most leaning tower in the world. There are others that overcome it. The most, a tower located in Germany whose inclination that touches the 6 degrees.

4. Galileo Galilei was there

Italians, especially those in Pisa, are proud to ensure that Galileo Galilei used this tower to show that speed is not related to weight using two balls of different masses. Will it be true? We do not know, the Italians say yes. Who would dare to deny it?

5. An attempt was made to repair his inclination

Pisa Tower - Byjeng

We commented that in 1990 the tower was closed to try to stop its inclination. Apparently, every year he leaned a few centimeters, so they thought it would be dangerous for people to continue visiting her.

It was opened in 2001, after 10 years of hard work, in which they reinforced the foundations and slowed their movement. His inclination was somewhat reduced and stabilized so that it resists at least 200 more years.

6. It has 294 steps

Yes, 294 steps are what separate you from the top of this incredible monument. There is no other way up, so recharge batteries and get ready to exercise. Of course, we promise you that the views will be worth it.

7. Weighs 14,553 tons

Its weight is incredible, especially if we think it was built at a time when there were not so many advances and that the stones were loaded or dragged. A real achievement of architecture back then.

8. It took almost two centuries to build

Pisa Tower - Luis Ascenso / Flickr.com

It began to be built in 1173 and was not completed until 1372. However, we already anticipated that during 100 years of this time the works were stopped, since it was feared that it would fall if it rose more.

«Architecture must speak of its time and place, and at the same time, yearn for eternity.»

-Frank Gehry-

9. It has eight floors

A priori, it seems bigger and many are the ones who are disappointed in this regard. And that is another curiosity of the Tower of Pisa. But yes, It only has eight floors, although they seem more.However, calm, its 294 steps will make it seem like you are going up to a huge skyscraper.

Did you know some of these curiosities of the Tower of Pisa? Well maybe when you visit you discover some more. Will you tell us please?

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