8 curiosities of Petra that you will love to meet

Petra, in Jordan, has become a benchmark for tourism, especially in recent years. Its history and the mysteries that surround it arouse the curiosity of many and make it considered a real gem. We want to tell you some curiosities of Petra and reveal some aspects that surely you did not know, Are you coming?

1. Curiosities of Petra: It was sculpted, not built

Petra - InnaVar

Many are admired when they see this wonder made by the hand of man. Especially since this amazing city was not built like any other of the time. Petra was excavated and sculpted in the stone In the heart of a narrow valley.

"Traveling leaves you speechless and then makes you a storyteller."

-Ibn Battuta-

2. Why the lost city?

The Treasure - JPRichard

We have already advanced that Petra is in a valley. Really deep inside, and to get there you have to cross a narrow gorge. This served as a defense measure, as it was perfectly hidden.

And, when the city was abandoned in the seventh century, his situation made him fall into oblivion. This was the case until the beginning of the 19th century, when the Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt "rediscovered it". Work began to bring this wonder back to light.

3. It was the capital of the Nabateans

The Monastery - apdeboer / Pixabay.com

The Nabateans were Arab people who had a very good hand for business. This town, of nomadic customs, knew well the commercial routes and the places of passage of the caravans. When they settled, the Nabateans founded cities at strategic points, charging significant tolls for it.

In Petra they established their capital. Thus the city became the epicenter of trade between the Mediterranean and Arabia and one of the richest cities in the world.

4. It had three functions

Petra - mauro gambini / Flickr.com

It was called «the city for tomorrow», well en she built dozens of graves in order to, even being dead, not move away from the gods that protected the city.

Another of his duties was defensive, because of its situation it was conducive to hide and to prevent enemies from entering it.

And as we said, it was a commercial city, because It became the essential step on the routes between India and the Mediterranean. That is, it was necessary to go through yes or yes and, of course, pay the excessive toll.

5. Its buildings were astronomically oriented

Petra - Ian McKellar / Flickr.com

The Nabateans took astronomical movements into account when building their buildings. Thus, one of Petra's curiosities is thatthe monastery is looking at the sun so that during the winter solstice the rays can enter through the door and illuminate the altar.

6. The Altar of Sacrifices

One of the places that most attracts the attention of this fascinating city is undoubtedly the Altar of Sacrifices. It is a circular altar also dug in the rock whose function is not known with certainty.

A place full of mystery that is difficult to reach, since it is on top of a hill. The reward? The views of Petra from this point are spectacular.

7. The water

Great Temple - Ronald Woan / Flickr.com

Another of Petra's curiosities is the use made of water. Because of the way it was built, the city had enough drinking water, for its population and for the merchants who crossed by caravan every day there. This was undoubtedly one of the secrets of the city's expansion.

Although this was a double-edged sword, since by that same location, Petra was very prone to flooding and, in fact, part of the city was destroyed that way.

8. It was abandoned from the fourth century

It was in the year 363 when an earthquake struck the city and destroyed a large part of the buildings. That, and the fall of the Roman Empire, which had conquered the city, caused the decline of Petra. Little by little, this strategic and commercial character was lost and the city was abandoned and left in oblivion.

Did you know all these curiosities of Petra? Surely now you have more desire to discover this fabulous city carved into the stone. Do not hesitate to visit it, you will fall in love.

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