Where to eat near the Lonja de Valencia

Valencia is one of the most charming cities in the Spanish east. If you are visiting, you are near the Lonja de Valencia and do not know where to eat, continue reading. We show you places to enjoy typical dishes in the best environment. Everyone has something in common: you can walk from the Lonja. Some are closer than others, but if you feel like taking a walk, dare!

Places to eat near the Lonja de Valencia

Near the Lonja de Valencia there are countless places where you can eat at a good price. Walking just a few minutes, you can choose between two very different options.

For vegetarians: the Ana Eva restaurant


Ana Eva restaurant specializes in vegetarian food. It is a beautiful place that has an interior patio And, most importantly, all your menu is vegetarian.

At noon, they offer menus of 12 euros and, for dinners and weekends, of 18 euros. There, you will find vegetarian dishes made with native products of the highest quality: croquettes, mussakas, rice, creams ... It is located in Carrer del Túria, 49.

The best white potatoes in Valencia: El Kiosko

This bar has been open for decades and has gained a lot of fame among the Valencians themselves. Everyone recommends El Kiosko white potatoes, as they say they are the best in Valencia.

20 minutes walk from La Lonja

The restaurants that we are going to mention below are a little further from La Lonja, about 20 minutes walking. But nevertheless, if you dare to eat in them, you will discover that it was worth the walk. These restaurants are among the best in Valencia and will allow you to live an unforgettable experience:

To try specialties from around the world: Rodamón


This restaurant is on Carrer de Sueca street, a little further, but it is worth taking that walk. Your letter includes classic and worldwide dishes: You can find both ceviche and some wild potatoes. Of course, all delicious!

The ideal is to share several dishes and try the specialties of different places in the world (hence the name, Rodamón).

We recommend you make a reservation if you go to dinner, since it usually gets full. The highlight of this restaurant, apart from its "globalism", is the value for money. You will spend about 20 euros per person if you go to dinner and 15 (approximately) if you eat there during the week.

Enjoy the most typical Valencian dishes in Ca Duart


This restaurant, like the previous one, It stands out for the value for money. Their menus, about 15 euros, vary every week.

Its about perfect place to taste the most typical Valencian dishes and others that are not so much. We recommend you try the Valencian stew, fideuà, cod, calçots in season ... In short, in Ca Duart you will eat wonderfully for a reasonable price.

And if you want to pay a tribute… go to the Saití restaurant

Saiti - felixmetalsucko / Flickr.com

El Saití is 25 minutes walk from the Lonja. This restaurant belongs to chef Vicente Patiño and appears in the Michelin Guide. This fact is not surprising, since the food offered is exquisite. If you decide to go, you will find original seasonal dishes and rice of Levantine inspiration In a very cozy atmosphere.

Especially, We recommend you try the Russian salad from this restaurant: surprise. The price is usually around 40 or 50 euros and, of course, should be reserved.

Finally, to snack ... to the Fabian horchatería

Yes, after eating, you don't know where to snack ... Go to the Fabian horchatería! This place, famous among the Valencians themselves, It is the perfect place to have a good chocolate with donuts. Fabian donuts, apart from being exquisite, are larger than anywhere else. It is in Carrer de Ciscar.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. The city is full of wonderful places to eat, some near the Lonja de Valencia, others somewhat further away, although the walk will be worth it, since you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Valencian capital.

And, since you're lucky enough to be there, make the most of it and enjoy the most famous dishes of the city in the most acclaimed restaurants. Valencian cuisine is exquisite, don't forget it.

Cover photo: Marcela Escandell / Flickr.com

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