The island of Ibiza, much more than a party island

Ibiza belongs to the Balearic archipelago and is known internationally for its famous nightclubs and for being the ideal place for a wild holiday. Even with everything, Ibiza Island oozes beauty in every corner and many value it for it rather than for its environment. Do you want to know this beautiful island that seems taken from paradise?

How is the Ibiza Island

Ibiza - Balaguer Tone

It is an island washed by the Mediterranean with an extension of 572 kilometers and just over 140,000 inhabitants. Ibiza, along with Menorca and Mallorca, make up the Balearic Islands, recognized for the beauty of its waters and its natural wealth.

Weighing in that image, you can get an idea of ​​what the island of Ibiza can offer you. In it you will find beautiful beaches with golden sand, wonderful sunrises, idyllic sunsets, endless pine forests and heart attack cliffs. Do you understand now why we say that Ibiza is more than an island of parties?

"Traveling serves to adjust the imagination to reality, and to see things as they are instead of thinking how they will be."

-Samuel Johnson-

What to see and do in Ibiza

If the beauty of the island has already captivated you and you plan to visit it on your next vacation, you must take good note of the essentials to see and do in Ibiza.

1. See the island of Es Vedrá

Es Vedrá - Balaguer Tone

It is an islet surrounded by myths and legends. It has a curious pyramid shape and can be seen from many points in Ibiza, although unfortunately it is forbidden to visit it. It is a natural space protected by its high ecological value and can only be visited with a special permit.

You may not be able to step on it, but yes it is possible to admire all its beauty from one of the viewpoints that have been created for it. The best, although we already warn you that it is the most difficult to access, is from the Es Savinar tower. Even despite the effort to reach the top of the tower, the view will be worth it.

2. Old Town of Ibiza

Dalt Vila - Nikiforov Alexander

Every city that is third has an old town that oozes its essence. The one in the capital of the islandis Dalt Vila and was declared a World Heritage Site in 1999. A walled enclosure of narrow, cobbled and steep streets that invite you to lose yourself to travel to another time and learn more about the history of the island.

Going through the Portal Nou entrance will take you on a comfortable walk in which you will discover traditional gothic houses and the fortress bastions. And at some point your steps will take you to places of such interest as the cathedral. In short, the old town is full of charming corners that will captivate you.

3. Carthaginian Necropolis in Ibiza

Puig des Molins - Nanosanchez /

The island of Ibiza was colonized by the Carthaginians in the seventh century B.C. Several necropolis have been found, although the most prominent is Puig des Molins. This cemetery has 3,000 tombs carved into the rock, all in an incredible state of conservation.

Next to the necropolis you can visit an interesting museum that exhibits interesting pieces found in the excavations and that allow to know better the funerary art pitiuso. 

4. It's Broll

It's Broll - Bartu Juan

As we said before, nature is one of the main characteristics, not only of Ibiza, but of the rest of the Balearic Islands. Es Broll is a leafy green valley which extends over 4.5 kilometers.

In it you can see canals and pools that the Arabs built artificially.Today they are still used by farmers who live in the area, so it will be easy if you are going to do a hiking route around the place you see them running.

5. Cala Salada

Salt Creek - Pawel Kazmierczak

Despite being surrounded by beaches, some stand out above others. One of them is Cala Salada, which It is surrounded by an undeveloped green environment. This is the reason why many want to meet her, because her appearance is totally virgin and her waters clear.

However, it is often frequented by tourists and locals. If you want to avoid crowds, you can go to the neighboring Cala Saladeta, which offers the same attractions but without so many people.

As you can see, despite the fame of Ibiza, This island has a lot to contribute and offer to travelers. Would you like to find out? Then take good note and choose it as your destination on your next vacation.

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