The Oceanogràfic of Valencia, a place for children

Going with children on vacation is fun, although sometimes it is not so much for them. Choosing a place to go where they can do activities that they like should be a priority if we want everyone to have a good time. The Oceanogràfic of Valencia is fun and educational, ideal for families to enjoy. Are you coming with us to meet him?

TheValencia Oceanogràfic, an ideal place

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We are talking about an impressive marine park of more than 110,000 square meters where the reproduction of many species of seas and oceans occurs naturally. To make this possible it has 42 million liters of water, in fact, it is the largest aquarium in Europe. Doesn't that sound amazing?

Within the Oceanogràfic of Valencia you can find all kinds of species, and not only of fish, also of mammals and seabirds. Each section section is dedicated to a different one. For example, there is a space for tropical species, another for exotic, Arctic, Mediterranean and there are even some that come from the Red Sea.

What species can be seen

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Among the more than 45,000 animals of up to 500 species that houses the Valencia Oceanogràfic, the penguins can be highlighted, which children will love. Belugas, sharks, jellyfish, seahorses, hedgehogs, starfish ... The list is endless.

It can also be mentioned that there are specimens of threatened species and many other curious and surprising that children can enjoy meeting live. Species that they could possibly never see otherwise.

In addition to touring the different pavilions contemplating all those animals, You can also enjoy entertaining and educational exhibitions at the dolphinarium, the largest in Europe, with no less than 26 million liters of water.

Why it is an ideal place for children

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In addition to everything we've mentioned before, The Oceanogràfic of Valencia organizes many workshops and activities designed specifically for children. One of the most interesting is a tour by the hand of an expert guide who will tell you in detail about the animals and tell them their secrets.

As well they can spend a night among sharks, sleeping in the facility where these animals are found. Or they can know the “entrails” of the park, from the animal recovery zone to the water treatment area. They can even try their luck as seal or dolphin trainers.

"A country, a civilization can be judged by the way it treats its animals."

-Mahatma Gandhi-

Rates and schedules

Depending on the time of the year, the closing varies, but the opening would always be at 10.Adults pay 29.7 euros, while children from 4 to 12 years old, unemployed, disabled and retired, only pay 22.30 euros. Children under 4 enter free.

What to do near the Oceanografic of Valencia

City of Arts and Sciences - Marcus /

In addition to everything there is to see and enjoy in the Oceanogràfic of Valencia, there is much to see around it. For being located In the City of Arts and Sciences, entertainment is served.

The Valencia Torist Card will offer you a series of advantages, not only in the City of Sciences but also in other monuments and spaces of the city. If you can buy it, do it, and the stay will be even more fun and economical. Already We tell you some of the things you can see.


Another ideal place for children where through the IMAX movie theater you can live a world of magic and fantasy. Your 3D projections will surprise the little ones ... and also the older ones.

Prince Felipe Science Museum

Science Museum - Luis Ascenso /

One of the things that will delight your children in this place is that there are no posters where it says 'Do not Touch'. Quite the opposite! You must touch everything to have a unique experience discovering the Universe, interacting with the various machines and knowing the science of superheroes. An unforgettable experience for them.

As you see, the City of the Arts of Science has incredible places in which to enjoy with children, but as we have seen, in the Oceanogràfic of Valencia will make them spend unforgettable hours.

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