5 activities to do in Gran Canaria

The island of Gran Canaria is a true paradise. Mandatory visit within the Canary Islands archipelago, There are plenty of activities to do in Gran Canaria. Do you want to meet them? We show you some of them, so stay with us reading this article.

5 activities to do in Gran Canaria

It is true that the main attraction of the island is to enjoy its beautiful beaches. But nevertheless, Gran Canaria has monuments, museums, water parks and even various places to practice or learn water sports. As you can see, there are activities to do in Gran Canaria for all tastes and ages.

1. Beaches of Gran Canaria

Las Canteras Beach - ZM_Photo

The beaches of Gran Canaria are known for their kilometers of sand. Whether more urban or not, an extraordinary environment is involved. There you can relax, walk or bathe in perfect weather. Two are the best known beaches of the island: Maspalomas and Las Canteras.

On the one hand, Maspalomas is a natural beach south of Gran Canaria, known for being a sea of ​​dunes. In addition to the incredible natural landscape of this beach, we find the Maspalomas lighthouse, witness to the adventures of each visitor.

On the other hand, Las Canteras is one of the most beautiful urban beaches in the country. It is located in the capital of the island, Las Palmas. In addition to offering the comforts of having the city nearby, it has a promenade full of restaurants, ice cream parlors and terraces.

2. Water sports in Gran Canaria

El Confital Beach - Bengt Nyman / Flickr.com

Surfing, diving and snorkeling are three water sports that you can enjoy in Gran Canaria. Not only can you practice them, but you also have places to learn and improve by specialized instructors.

But they are only examples. Water sports are the island's fort, so you can really practice many of them. It is possible to enjoy with different types of surfing (windsurfing, kitesurfing, etc.), kayak, jet boat,Jet ski, parachute boat, banana or even fly board.

3. Water parks and zoos

Palmitos Park - The Instant Photography Collector / Flickr.com

In addition to the activities to do in Gran Canaria already mentioned, The island has several water and animal parks. On the one hand, the best known water parks are Aqualand Maspalomas and Lake Taurito Water Park. And on the other hand, the zoos Palmitos Park and Cocodrilo Park Gran Canaria.

Although we have shown some water parks and zoos, Gran Canaria has several parks and entertainment centers. In addition, there are theme parks such as the Sioux City Park, which is like diving fully into the Old West.

4. Monuments and museums

Santa Ana Cathedral - Sebastian Scholl / Flickr.com

Gran Canaria is much more than beach and sun. In fact, It has several monuments and museums of great interest. Therefore, it is also worth discovering the most cultural side of the island.

A) Yes, we find the San Juan Butista church and the island's cathedral, known as the Holy Cathedral-Basilica Church of the Canary Islands or the Basilica Cathedral of Santa Ana, considered the monument with the most outstanding architecture of the Canary Islands.

In addition to the cathedral, Gran Canaria exhibits various sculptures throughout the city, the best known are the dogs of the Plaza de Santa Ana or the Union and the Phoenix. In general, the entire urban center is worth knowing and will wrap us in an atmosphere of extraordinary atmosphere.

We can also enjoy various museums, for example, the Casa de Colón, the Pérez Galdós House-Museum and the Elder Museum of Science and Technology.

"All trips have secret destinations that the traveler knows nothing about."

-Martin Buber-

5. Excursions

Teror - Karol Kozlowski

Another of the activities to do in Gran Canaria are excursions. In fact, given the geographical situation of the island,It is possible to make a day trip to neighboring Tenerife. Although the island itself offers great diversity.

If you don't want to leave Gran Canaria, the possibilities are many, you can discover spectacular landscapes, such as those of the Summits, the Roque Nublo or the ravines that cross the island. You can also discover charming villages like Teror or Arucas.

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