Important tips for traveling with children by plane

Do not give up traveling with children by plane. But it is advisable to follow a series of instructions to make them travel as bearable as possible, both for the little ones and for you, and even for your fellow passengers. Keep reading and we tell you how to get it.

When is it possible travel with children by plane?


Before giving you some simple tips to travel with children by plane, we clarify some legal issues. One of them is the age at which a baby can fly. In this sense, The power is held by different airlines. There are those that allow newborns with 48 hours of life to fly, while others delay it until two weeks.

Physically there is no contraindication to travel with a newborn. While is true that It is often said that a child is prepared to travel when his mother is willing to do so. So you decide when to board your child on a plane. The moment you feel safe to undertake that trip!

More company regulations

The airlines decide several issues regarding traveling with children by plane. For example, they apply the rates that they consider convenient for those traveling with a baby that will not occupy a place, when traveling in the arms of his parents. By the way, the seat of these children and those of older ones, by regulation, can be taken free.

Equally, the companies apply the rates that they consider suitable for children, deciding the age ranges in which there may or may not be price reductions.

Other rules for traveling with children by plane

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In addition, there are other legal rules when making this trip with the kids, and it refers to the documentation they have to carry. If the trip is made within the national territory, no document is needed in many companies, although it never hurts to bring the family book or give the ID to the child.

This last document is mandatory if our plane will take us to European countries. And if we travel beyond, outside the EU, then children must carry the same documentation as the rest of the adults. That is, your passport and the respective visas in case you need to enter or leave a country.

Child seats on airplanes

As with car trips with children, also to travel by plane it is necessary to have special seats for them. These chairs can be provided by the company itself, which must be requested.

Things to take during the trip

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When you leave your house with your child, you already know that you have to carry endless things. And not only that, but paradoxically the smaller the child the more things it is necessary to carry. That also happens when flying.

If you travel with a small child, a baby, you will have to embark with enough food for the entire flight, just as it is good to wear diapers and everything you need for your hygiene, including clothes to change it.

Y if the child is a little older, he always has to come up with a toy to be entertained during flight hours. In addition, it is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and carry some warm clothes by hand if necessary.

Do not forget, regardless of your child's age, that you have to carry a small kit for possible emergencies.

We hope you have read this far and that you take note of these tips. If so, you just have to dare to take that flight with your children.

Without they are very small, you may have to arm yourself with patience. And if they are already a little older, the most possible thing is that they are initially fascinated with the idea of ​​flying, something that already makes your work much easier, because you are ready to live an unforgettable adventure together.

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