The amazing city of Kazan in Russia

We travel to an amazing city, to Kazan, in Russia. The huge country that travels the continents of Asia and Europe is home to populations full of beauty halfway between exoticism, history and the most amazing technological advances. So, if any of these facets, or all, catches your attention, you will satisfy your craving for discovery with pleasure.

How is Kazan?

Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, which belongs to the Russian Federation. In addition, it is the most populous city in the entire region, having in its census more than one million inhabitants that populate its streets throughout the year.

Being the eighth most populous city in all of Russia, Kazan is one of the nerve centers of the country thanks to its location on the banks of the Volga River, in confluence with the Kazanka river; which is not only spectacular but also very strategic.

It was founded in 1005 by the Bulgarian tribe of Volga, so many consider it to be a "young" city whose history is not too long. However, for many it is clear that Kazan is a true curiosity precisely because of his age. Over time, it has become an increasingly important city in Russian territory in terms of:

  • Science.
  • Culture.
  • Education and research
  • Sports.
  • Architecture.

»It is not possible to understand Russia, you have to love it»

-Russian proverb-

What can be seen in Kazan?

As we have said, although it is barely a thousand years old, Kazan is a center of great importance in Russia. In fact, there are many attractions that the city has, So a visit is more than recommended. Especially if you visit during spring or summer, since you can appreciate the color of the flowers that dress it.

The Kazan Kremlin

The Kazan Kremlin is a historical citadel belonging to the Republic of Tatarstan. It was built on the ruins of the ancient castle of the Kanes, from the town at the request of the famous Ivan the Terrible, and is one of the symbols of the city.

And although Russia's most famous Kremlin building is the one in Moscow, which has become a symbol of the country, Kazan also has its own. In fact, the construction is so beautiful that It has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

In the Kremlin we find some of the oldest buildings in the city, such as the Cathedral of the Annunciation. It dates from the mid-16th century and It is an example of construction on five apses and six pillars, something unique in Russia in this historical time.

Another symbolic element of the Kazan Kremlin is the Siuyumbiké Tower, which stands out for its inclination, as if it were the famous Tower of Pisa. It is believed to have arisen during the reign of Peter I of Russia. It also stands out from the architectural complex the symbolic Spasskaya Tower, which does the main entrance work to the Kremlin in the southern area and enjoys a unique and spectacular beauty and majesty.

More places of interest in Kazan

The entire historical center is of singular beauty.In addition to the Kremlin, this huge Russian metropolis has many more places of interest. Along the Kazan route, there are buildings in harmonious harmony that represent the thousand years of the city's history.

Further, Kazan It has beautiful views at the highest points. From them you can see the confluence of the rivers, the silhouettes of the Kremlin, the monastery of Zilantov, the minarets of the multiple mosques that populate the town, and so on.

Another very curious aspect of this city is that it is equipped with large and numerous shopping centers, so it is an excellent place to go shopping and take a pleasant walk around places of spectacular appearance. Obviously, this will become A very cosmopolitan walk.

But if you want to enjoy the cuisine of the area, you also have a must. In the multiple restaurants you can try all kinds of meals. From international cuisine to local specialties, as well as the traditional food of the region, such as fish and other unique delicacies.

So, do not have the slightest doubt and direct your steps towards Kazan if you wish Get to know one of the great metropolises of Russia. Rest assured that this city will surprise and captivate you, because everything we can tell you is little compared to reality.

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