Curiosities of the Torre del Oro in Seville

It stands majestically, although smaller than many imagine, on the banks of the Guadalquivir River. It was part of the defensive system of Seville at the time of the Arabs, although throughout history it has had other functions. Let's reveal some curiosities of the Torre del Oro. Do you want to meet them?

Curiosities of the Torre del Oro

It is an inevitable visit in Seville, one of its most beautiful and most historic buildings. Therefore, there are many curiosities of the Torre del Oro that could be told.

It's not as big as many think

tower of Gold

Many tourists come to Seville to see this famous tower and are surprised because it is smaller than they thought. While the Giralda, the tower of the cathedral, is almost 100 meters high, the Torre del Oro barely reaches 36 meters.

It is an albarrana tower

Many wonder what their role in the city was. As well, was connected to a fortress and a bridge. Its strategic position allowed to see the enemies that came both from the Guadalquivir river and from other points. Its rounded shape and its windows made it a perfect watchtower.

Where does your name come from

One of the inevitable questions is why it is called Torre del Oro. It has been said that It is due to the golden glow that the tiles of which it was covered reflected in the waters of the river. However, this coating was more modest, made of lime and straw mortar.

An erroneous belief is that the name comes from the fact that the gold that came from America was stored here. But it is not so, since this metal was taken to the House of Recruitment.

Each of its parts

Torre del Oro - Emilio /

The Torre del Oro consists of three bodies: the base, a superior median and the tip. The three can be distinguished in a simple way and each of them was built at a different time.

The first body dates from the thirteenth century, while the second is from the fourteenth and the last of the eighteenth century. Despite this, the three parts harmonize perfectly and do not break the aesthetics of the Sevillian monument at all.

Almost collapsed

As expected, a building that has been standing for more than eight centuries has gone through circumstances that jeopardized its integrity. On the one hand, suffered serious damage because of the great earthquake of Lisbon of 1755.

But nevertheless, the worst moment came from the hand of the 1868 Revolution. At that time, the revolutionaries demolished the canvases of the walls to sell them, and the tower was going to run the same path. Fortunately, the people of Seville strongly opposed it.


Another of the curiosities of the Torre del Oro has to do with a more recent and much happier event: Expo 92 that was held in the city. On the occasion of that event this tower was twinned with another equally famous, the Belém Tower in Lisbon.

What's inside today

Naval Museum - Emilio /

We already know what the tower was, but what is it today? As well, Today it houses a naval museum. In it you can enjoy models, maps and other historical objects related to navigation.

Although the topic is not much of your interest, It is worth paying the entrance fee, just 3 euros. The museum is interesting and you can climb to the top of the tower. From there you will contemplate beautiful views of the city.

It is in some shields

The last of the curiosities of the Torre del Oro has to do with an autonomous community in northern Spain. This monument appears in the shields of Cantabria and its capital, Santander. It is the memory of the capture of Seville by the Castilian troops under the command of King Ferdinand III.

The Torre del Oro is one of the icons of the Andalusian capital. Some are surprised at their small size, but they all fall in love. Do you already know her? If not, we recommend a visit to the city.

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