The suitcases: that are not a ballast in your trip

It is no exaggeration to say that suitcases are one of those factors that can ruin a trip. Of course, if your plan is not to move much and you will stay at the same point throughout your stay, the luggage goes to the background. But if you intend to visit several places, what you least need is a ballast that limits you.

Wear too many suitcases can become a real torment. Not only does it cost you more, but you are also going to spend part of the trip dedicated to picking them up, organizing them, taking care of them and transporting them properly.

Another problem arises when your bags are inadequate. If they are of poor quality, you can take some disgustFor example, if the wheels fly away or if they break and you have to make emergency arrangements. And if they weigh too much while empty, you add unnecessary difficulty to your trip.

The first thing you should do, to make intelligent use of your luggage, is to make a list of the essential. It corresponds to what you cannot miss. Sometimes it is not easy to identify what is essential, since someone may think that the teddy bear with which your child sleeps can not be missing.

To help you in that task of defining what is truly indispensable, we will immediately propose a list. This is the first thing you should aim for.


Yes or yes you must take the medications you have prescribed. In sufficient quantity. And if you are not medicated, it is also necessary that you carry a small medicine cabinet with pain relievers, antacids and some medicine for dizziness. It may not be easy to get at the destination you go to.


Includes the basic identity document, as the case may be (ID or passport). Also driver's license and vaccination certificate, if required. You must also take addresses and telephone numbers of the places where you are going.

All this must go with a physical copy. At the same time, you must have a digital copy in a cloud or your email.

Mobile phone

It is currently an indispensable element when traveling. Through this you can have communication and, in addition, information. The phone also involves a charger, an external battery and a sim card valid at your destination.

Plastic and / or physical money

Unless you go on an adventure, you will need money for your trip. Preferably, it carries an amount in physical and the rest in debit and / or credit cards. Make sure the conditions to use them in your final destination.

The indispensable cannot be missing, and must have a well defined place in your bags. You always have to know where it is and that place should be easily accessible.

Now, once you have prepared the indispensable, it is time to think about the necessary. It is not easy to define it either, since this is influenced by many subjective elements.

One of the most problematic elements is usually clothes. There are those who want to take the whole wardrobe "just in case." This only complicates life. For a week trip you will not need more than three complete changes of clothes. This will allow you to wash, or send to wash, things and always have something clean.

Only on luxury trips should special dresses be included. On the contrary, Choose comfortable and practical clothes. The same goes for shoes, just a couple of them and some flip flops.

There are other items that may or may not go inside the suitcases. These are, first of all, personal grooming products. It is not essential to take them, because in most hotels they provide them. Also, it is possible to acquire them at the point of arrival. Therefore, you don't necessarily have to take them.

It would also be convenient to include a pair of empty and waterproof bags.. One can be used to put dirty clothes and another to put clothes that may be wet or should be separated.

The convenient thing is that you wear a good jacket and that you wear it, or with you, in any case. These types of garments usually take a lot of space in the suitcases.

With these tips you are ready to take a trip with just one suitcase and move like a fish in the water. Do not forget that traveling with too much luggage is against having more freedom.

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