Discover 5 great travel apps

Currently, there are all kinds of apps for trips. You easily find solutions to find cheap flights, find the best accommodation, check the weather and many other data that allow you to better organize your tour.

But nevertheless, not all apps for trips they are equally functional. Some have stood out for their usefulness, ease of use or number of services included. Today, it is possible to manage every aspect of your trip through your mobile phone.

The best are applications that do not consume much memoryThey have a free version and are easy to use. We have selected a list of those apps for trips that will surely be very useful for you. These are 5 of them.

1. Gogobot, one of the best apps for trips

Gogobot is a wonderful application for travelers who want to take advantage of time to the fullest and not miss anything relevant to the destination they visit. This application provides timely information about sites of interest, hotels, restaurants, etc.

One of the most interesting aspects is that It has groups they call "tribes". There are backpackers tribes, party lovers, history buffs, spirituals, etc. If you join one of these tribes you will get valuable information to make the most of your trip. It comes in version for iOS and Android.

It's no use having a great app If in the end you arrive at a place where you do not have access to the Internet, or you run into a poor quality WiFi. To avoid such bad times there is Triposo, an application that works offline. Your goal is to help you get the most out of your stay in a certain place.

Triposo offers guides custom travel, with relevant data about attractions, information and reviews. It also tells you what are the best restaurants in the area, places to have fun or have a drink.

As well has a currency converter and a basic translator, as well as information on the most interesting aspects of local culture in each city.

If you make a trip that includes several destinations and different means of transport, you may end up getting entangled in a sea of ​​data. You end up with a lot of reservations in your email that don't always follow a logical order.

Also sometimes it is easy to get in and out of the mail To consult the information. It is also possible that, in the middle of so much entanglement, confuse the schedules or lose sight of something important.

Tripit helps you not to happen. In a nutshell, It is an itinerary organizer. Concentrate all the information of your trip in one place that you access in a single screenshot. The paid version includes data on the status of the flight in real time, information on the best seats available and other information of interest.

This is one of the most useful apps for a trip. It is an application that guides you on public transport in the place where you are. It offers you information on the best route to get from one place to another, telling you where, when and how to take public transportation to reach your destination.

It also offers information about the time, in real time, at which you can take a certain transport. It also allows you to save certain routes. This is very useful to get to the hotel, for example. The best thing is that you can save your favorite routes and consult them without connecting to the Internet.

This is another one of those apps for trips that should never be missing. No one is exempt from having an emergency episode during a trip. If you are in a country that you don't know, the situation could become dramatic. For that type of event, TravelSafe Pro was created.

This application has all the information about the emergency services of your destination. Contains addresses and telephone numbers of police, firefighters, ambulances, etc. Also the data of your consulate or embassy. In addition, there is something that makes it ideal: you don't need Internet access to check it.

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