The J. Paul Getty Museum: a beautiful space full of art

The J. Paul Getty Museum is one of the most important and recognized in the United States. Proof of this is that every year more than one million people visit it. And it is that the collection that keeps in its two headquarters deserves it. Those venues are the Getty Center in Los Angeles and the Getty Villa in Malibu.

The J. Paul Getty Museum was founded in the 70s by the person who gives it its name, a senior member of an oil company. It began with the headquarters of Malibu, and in 1997 it opened the Los Angeles headquarters, which is now the main one. In both works of art of all time are shown.

What you will see at the J. Paul Getty Museum

Museum Interior

The most important thing about the J. Paul Getty Museum is its collection of paintings. You should know that the vast majority of the works of this institution are in the Getty Center of Los Angeles. The exhibitions of Ancient Greece, Rome and Etruria remain in Malibu's headquarters.

Most of the paintings of the J. Paul Getty Museum they belong to the period that goes from the 14th to the 20th century. From this century there are very few works, because those responsible decided that at the moment they were not going to focus on the avant-garde style of the last century.

The most valuable collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum is that of Italian painting. It has works by Simone Martini, Bernardo Daddi, Cenni di Francesco or Vittore Carpaccio among others.

Italian painting

Museum Interior- Thomassin Mickaël /

One of the most outstanding works within this section is Halberdierfrom Pontormo, belonging to the 16th century. Of the seventeenth century the most recognized are the worksVenus and Mars from Palma the Younger and Portrait of Pope Gregory XV, Guercino's work.

Belonging to the 18th century, at the J. Paul Getty Museum you can see the great work of Bernardo BellottoView of Venice with Santa Maria della Salute. As well works by Canaletto or Tiepolo are exhibited.

Flamenco painting

The J. Paul Getty Museum It has in its collection an important cultural heritage of the Netherlands. Within the Flemish painting, the Portrait of Isabel from Portugal from Rogier van der Weyden. Also mentionChrist Man of Sorrows from Quentin Matsys.

Among other artists, highlights Van Dyck, with two works in the exhibition: Agostino Pallavicini Y Portrait of Thomas Howard, Lord Arundel. And surely in your visit to the J. Paul Getty Museum you will be delighted with the Wild boar hunting de Rubens, one of the most important authors of the Baroque.

But within the flamenco works that the museum exhibits, without a doubt, those of Rembrandt stand out. In fact, the institution shows nothing less than five works by this master of painting.

Painting from France, Spain and Great Britain

Museum room

French painting is present in the J. Paul Getty Museum, with works such as thesacred Family by Nicolas Poussin or Fight between musicians of Georges de La Tour. As well there are works of realism belonging to authors like Laurent de la Hyre or Valentin de Boulogne.

As for Spanish art, at the J. Paul Getty Museum you can see the Crucified christ from El Greco. He also exhibits works by other great artists, including Murillo, José de Ribera, Francisco de Goya and Joaquín Sorolla.

Regarding British art, it highlights Hogarth's love satire and the James Christie portrait Made by Thomas Gainsborough. In 2010, the museum acquired at auction the Campo Vaccino in Rome from Turner for more than 35 million euros.

Engraving Collections

In the J. Paul Getty Museum, the collections of painting and sculpture stand out, but it also has an important collection of drawings and engravings. Rembrandt also stands out in this section.. There are other illustrious artists represented with their works, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Giulio Romano or Rafael Sanzio.

The collection is very large. You can be eclipsed by the painting, but if you visit this interesting museum you should not hesitate to know it because it will surely surprise you.

On the other hand, The J. Paul Getty Museum has other types of valuable objects, such as manuscripts or photographs from, among others, Robert Mapplethorpe. It also stores objects such as clocks, ceramic works or furniture.

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