A gondola ride through Venice, discover this experience

Who has not dreamed of a gondola ride on the canals of Venice. And how about the idea of ​​celebrating a special occasion in this beautiful city? Sounds romantic, no doubt. And there is no better experience than enjoying a pleasant gondola ride next to your favorite person.

A gondola ride through Venice is always unforgettable

Venice, located northwest of Italy, is a unique city in the world, totally different from the rest. Known for its characteristic canals and bridges that stretch throughout the city, for the incredible St. Mark's Square or the famous carnival, Venice leaves no one indifferent.

But Is there anything more typical of Venice than a gondola? There is no visitor able to resist discovering its canals and getting to know the city from this particular point of view.

This long and narrow boat so traditional of Venice is run by the gondolieri, who drives and directs it with the help of a single oar. This old means of transport allows to know places that are otherwise inaccessible.


Bridge of Sighs

Our gondola ride will allow us to get to know the city in a more romantic and historical way. We can enjoy some of the important places and monuments of the city. But also It allows us to discover wonderful little known corners.

We will depart from Bauer Station, next to the square of San Marcos. From there We will tour the Grand Canal, the largest and most important. Its four kilometers in length cover Venice dividing it in two.

Keep in mind that navigation is conditioned by vaporettos and boats that move there, but it is a great experience that we cannot miss. Continue the walk towards the church of Santa María della Salute then navigate the small canals that surround the La Fenice theater.

When the gondola enters the smaller channels, navigation is much quieter and more relaxed. A true Venetian experience that discovers the hidden magic of the city.


Gondolas on the Grand Canal

The price of the gondola ride It will depend on the time of the year in which we go, on the number of people, time of day, etc. We can choose to share it, which will make it cheaper. The price will also be lower in those “unofficial” gondolas and in the early hours of the morning.

Thus, prices can vary from € 40 to € 100. Do not hesitate to haggle, something very common when hiring these rides. In addition, additional services such as musical accompaniment are available. These services will be charged as an extra.

What you can not miss

The gondola ride through the canals will allow you to admire the beauty of the great architectural treasures of the city. But obviously you must travel Venice also on foot to admire more closely the wonders that this Italian city hides.

Saint Marcus Plaza

San Marcos square and basilica

Our first stop in Venice. In this beautiful square we will find two of the most important monuments: the basilica of San Marcos and the Ducal Palace. And to enjoy one of the best views of the city, nothing like climbing Campanille.

The basilica of Saint frames

It is the most important temple in Venice and the center of public life in the city. This architectural wonder, it has 4000 m² of mosaics, some of the thirteenth century. We can admire the golden color that covers the columns and the great dome, providing a warm and beautiful atmosphere.

Admission is free, although to visit some areas it is necessary to buy a ticket. This is the case of the museum, where the original sculptures of the Horses of San Marcos are found; from the Treasury, where the Byzantine treasure from the plundering of Constantinople is kept; and the Golden Shovel, an altarpiece of precious stones.

Santa Maria della Salute

Santa Maria della Salute

One of the best known buildings in Venice. Its large white dome is visible from many parts of the city. This basilica contains incredible paintings by Titian and Tintoretto. Admission is free, do not miss it.

The Rialto Bridge

The oldest and most famous of the four bridges that cross the Grand Canal from Venice The structure of the Rialto bridge makes it different from any other. Any time is good to walk through it and take a beautiful picture that reminds us of the trip to Venice.

Video: Venice - Gondola Ride and Serenade (March 2020).