7 visits in Marrakech absolutely essential

Marrakech is a fascinating city. Its attractions are almost endless and always loaded with history and sensuality. That is why when traveling to this Moroccan city one could spend days discovering it. But unfortunately we usually travel in haste, here we are going to present the 7 essential visits in Marrakech.

The charms of Marrakech

The biggest attraction of Marrakech is walking, get lost in its medina surrounded by walls and look for traditional restaurants where you can taste its traditional cuisine, based on couscous and tajines. And without a doubt, during these walks, sooner or later we will arrive at one of these places:

1. Djemaa el Fna Square, the first of the visits in Marrakech

Jemaa el Fna Square

This large square indefinitely and without any monument that distinguishes it is the great attraction of Marrakech. It is a square that is Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Why? For the people who congregate here any day of the year and for centuries.

In fact, the Djemaa el Fna was the entry point to Marrakech for traders caravans They came from the desert. And there they were received by watermen, food vendors, dentists, tattooists and countless street performers: storytellers, jugglers, snake charmers, etc. Well, all this happens again every night. Pure magic!

2. The souks

Marrakech Medina

We have already said that One of the charms of Marrakech is getting lost in the streets of its medina. But there is a place where getting lost is irremediable. We talked about the labyrinth of their souks.

The best place to shop in Marrakech, yes, you have to know how to haggle very well to achieve good prices on objects of jewelry, feet, carpets or various crafts.

3. Koutobia


Let's return to the Djemaa el Fna square to see how on one of its sides the highest tower in Marrakech rises. It is the tower of the Koutobia mosque, the most important in the city and the first in which the so-called prayer sounds. By the way, This tower is what inspired the famous Giralda of Seville.

"You think you are going to take a trip, but then it is the trip that makes it to him."

-Nicolás Bouvier-

4. Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace

Within the medina, one of the most spectacular visits that can be made in Marrakech is the one that will take us inside the Bahia palace. A lavish 19th century building.

In her, the great vizier Moussa made the most prestigious artisans of Morocco intervene, which in turn had the best possible materials to decorate 150 rooms. Rooms that continue to impress with their beauty.

5. El-Badi Palace

El-Badi Palace

Completely different sensations are those provided by another of Marrakech's palaces, that of El-Badi. To this construction of the 16th century It was known as the "incomparable palace", given the tremendous beauty he treasured inside.

But nevertheless, today is completely empty. Only a few walls remain standing, and even then it manages to impress.

6. Majorelle Garden

Majorelle garden

Marrakech has attracted cultural personalities of any origin, but few were as pledged by the city as the French designer Yves Saint Laurent. Here he settled his last years and here his ashes rest. Specifically in the Majorelle Garden, in the modern area.

One of the visits in Marrakech that you should not miss if you want to breathe a peculiar fusion of orientalism and glamor.

7. Garden of the Menara

Garden of the Menara

Another place to visit in Marrakech that you should not overlook, even if it is on the outskirts. They are the Jardines de la Menara, absolutely essential. It is worth the walk just to see the sultan's architecture at sunset with the bottom of the Atlas Mountains.

But if we also discover the gloomy legend that surrounds this place, then we are overwhelmed. We better not tell it, so you can enjoy it much more when you are here on your next trip to this city.

They are visits in Marrakech to which you must devote time to savor slowly. Why The city is full of nuances that should not be missed to enjoy its beauty and its incomparable atmosphere.