Meet 5 famous religious pilgrimages

Religious pilgrimages have been present for centuries. The faithful visit sacred places and shrines, according to the beliefs of each religion. They do it as a manifestation of faith or praise and to ask for favors. Also to keep promises, in gratitude or to release sins and sins.

Pilgrimage scenarios are associated with religious and historical facts. Each religion has beliefs, rituals and millions of faithful who move to places they consider sacred. Christians, Muslims or Hinduists, to mention just a few, congregate massively in emblematic places.

There may be many reasons to travel and have experiences around the world. But, without a doubt, religious pilgrimages are one of the great motivations to travel. And every year millions of faithful perform them.

But nevertheless, There are also many non-believers who come to these places, either because of cultural curiosity or because they want to join the energy of these sites. These are five of those famous religious pilgrimages.

Basilica in Lourdes

The pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Lourdes, in France, is one of the most popular in the world. It had its origin when the young Bernadette Soubirous witnessed here 18 miraculous apparitions of the Virgin. For this reason, the place became a sacred and fervent territory.

The apparitions took place in 1858, in the so-called Revelation Grotto. They lasted for six months. The revelations allowed us to establish that it was the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception. Today, 8 million parishioners visit the sanctuary of Lourdes and Its basilica a year.

Pilgrims in Mecca

Mecca, also called Hajjen Saudi Arabia, is the holy city for Muslims. The pilgrimage to Mecca, which was already carried out in the seventh century, is a mandate in the Islamic religion. Therefore, up to 13 million faithful come here every year.

The place is considered holy because there was born the prophet Muhammad. Believers must attend at least once in a lifetime, it is part of the requirements they must meet in their beliefs. Other obligations are aimed at proclaiming faith, praying, offering gifts and fasting in the Ramadan period.

Wailing Wall

It is one of the sacred religious pilgrimages for the Jews. The Western Wall, also called the Buraq wall, is located in the city of Jerusalem. There are the ruins of the second temple in Jerusalem, after being destroyed by the Roman Empire.

It constitutes a meeting point for millions of Jews. In front of the wall they express prayers, supplications, prayers and laments. They even make writings and introduce them into the cracks of the sacred wall. The faithful await the arrival of the Messiah for the restoration of the third temple in Jerusalem.

Pilgrims in Varanasi

The pilgrimage of Varanasi or Varanasi is carried out by the believers of the Hindu religion. Varanasi It is a city located in India, on the edge of the Ganges River. For the followers of Hinduism, this is one of the seven sacred places that must be visited.

His doctrine says that every devotee must bathe in the river Ganges to purify the body. According to his religious precepts, one of the five heads of the god Brahma rests in the river. It is one of the busiest religious pilgrimages in the world, because It concentrates about 20 million believers a year.

Santiago de Compostela

The Camino de Santiago is one of the most traditional religious pilgrimages in Europe. It is carried out by Catholics from all over the world, but also by many people who, even though they are not believers, want to live an unforgettable experience.

The pilgrimage has several routes that arrive from different points of the Iberian peninsula and also from France. In fact, the busiest road is the so-called French Way. In any case, the goal of all the routes is Santiago de Compostela.

History points out that in this city are the remains of the apostle and evangelizer Santiago el Mayor. There a beautiful and striking cathedral was built in memory of the apostle. Both the pilgrimage and the visit to the cathedral annually gather a millionaire concentration of Catholic faithful.

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