Disneyland Paris: much more than an amusement park

Disneyland Paris is much more than just a park in which to go from attraction to attraction. It is a magical world where adults and children can enjoy equal parts, even before crossing the access doors to the enclosure.

Many people, for different reasons, do not enjoy riding in the attractions of the parks. However, Disneyland Paris offers other alternatives to its visitors. If you are one of those people, We show you a series of activities that you can do to have a great time.

1. Discover the scenery of Disneyland Paris

Pirate ship - Markus Jaschke / Flickr.com

The first of the many things why Disneyland Paris is more than an amusement park is because of its scenery. The decoration does not lack a single detail, both in its streets and in its stores or in each of the attractions.

In addition to the usual decoration, Sometimes the park dresses in a special way. On Halloween, Christmas or when thematic campaigns are carried out, the entire venue is filled with reasons related to those events.

If you can choose any time of the year to travel to Disneyland, you should know that The Christmas season envelops the park in a magical atmosphere. It begins in November and ends in January and in those months it is decorated with garlands, lights and Christmas trees. You will even see Santa Claus.

2. Meet the most famous Disney characters

Donald Duck

If you don't like attractions, at Disneyland Paris you can use your time to meet the most beloved and famous people.Within the guide offered at the entrance you will find the exact times and points where each of them awaits you.

You can enjoy a wonderful time and take fun pictures with them. And, if you travel with your children, you will see the illusion on their faces when they greet characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, any of the Disney princesses or Jack Sparrow himself.

We advise you that, if you visit with children, before making your trip or inside the amusement park you will acquire a small notebook. All characters can sign you an autograph and you will have a wonderful memory of your stay in the park.

In addition to the characters that appear in the guide, spontaneously and throughout the day, other characters appear in different parts of the park that you can also enjoy.

3. Magical shows at your fingertips

Show of 'Star Wars'

Undoubtedly, the shows in this park are another of its strengths. In the same guide that we talked about before, there are the schedules and the places where each and every one of them are made.

Even if your son or you are yourselves fans Only a character or a specific theme, we advise you to enjoy all or almost all the shows you can. The staging and the details of each one make them special.

Princess dances, superhero fights, musicals and fun dialogues will be at your disposal at various times throughout the day so you don't miss any of them. In addition to these, there are two outstanding shows inside the park and that we will explain below.

The Disneyland Paris parade

Parade - William Warby / Flickr.com

It is one of the most anticipated moments of the day and that everyone wants to see. Crowds float through the park of the most outstanding films of the factory of all time. With their characters on board, they take the streets, leaving old and young with their mouths open.

It is an essential moment that you should not miss on your visit to Disneyland Paris. It is done in the afternoon only once. It doesn't matter what part of the park you are in, as the parade runs through it almost entirely.

The Disneyland Paris night show

Night show - Kmeron / Flickr.com

Another of the moments that you will most enjoy your stay in the park will be when nightfall begins and the night show begins, which it is done on the facade of the Sleeping Beauty's own castle.

Fireworks, soundtracks of different films as well as games of images, lights and colors will go through the facade making you enjoy and bringing you memories of your childhood.We advise you to find a place well in advance, since it is one of the most anticipated moments, despite the time.

4. Get carried away in their stores

For true lovers of this magical world, visiting their stores should be an essential plan. There are many establishments scattered throughout the park and some of them are works of art for the decoration they exhibit.

Enter one of them and surprise yourself and enjoy the amount of gifts and merchandising What about the Disney world. Take some memory of this special visit because, after all, the memories last forever.

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